The round-up: celebrate World Gin Day with these stellar gin-based cocktails
The round-up: celebrate World Gin Day with these stellar gin-based cocktails
The round-up: celebrate World Gin Day with these stellar gin-based cocktails

The round-up: celebrate World Gin Day with these stellar gin-based cocktails

The calendar year is full to bursting point with miscellaneous food days. International Hummus Day, World Nutella Day, Jackfruit Day, World Porridge Day – the list goes on. Typically we let these days come and go with little fuss, but when it comes to World Gin Day on Saturday June 10, we make an exception. To celebrate this momentous day, we have gone out to some of Brisbane’s best bars to see what crazy gin-based concoctions they are whipping up this year. We’re not talking gin and tonic here (not exclusively) – these are cocktails that that will make you realise why gin is worth celebrating.

Mediterranean Muse at Dutch Courage Officers’ Mess: What better place to start Brisbane’s best gin-based cocktails hunt than at the place where gin reigns supreme. Dutch Courage is serving up a refreshing, Spanish-inspired drink that features gin mare, basil, citrus and rosemary with a dash of bitters on top. This muse sure is inspiring!

Mother of Dragons at Canvas: Even Brisbane’s bars have been caught up in Game of Thrones fever! Canvas is pouring a fiery potion consisting of black peppercorn-infused Tanqueray gin, strawberry syrup, lime and cucumber that is mixed with mint, topped with soda and served with a dragon’s flame.

The Jubilee at The Gresham: A jubilee is typically a an anniversary of an important event, which makes The Gresham’s Jubilee cocktail perfect for celebrating World Gin Day. Martin Millers’ Gin is mixed with strawberry and balsamic shrub, a tough of cranberry and some fresh tarragon before being served up (in a coupette glass) with fresh tarragon on top.

East Coast Gimlet at Blackbird: The gimlet is a quintessential gin cocktail that is a perfect base for creativity. Blackbird’s fresh gin gimlet is made with Brookies Gin from Byron Bay and lemon aspen cordial from the Tablelands rainforests before being stirred down and served with Byron Bay finger lime pearls for texture.

Elderflower Collins at Gerard’s Bar & Charcuterie: If we were to hazard a guess, we’d say it is more appropriate to celebrate World Gin Day with charcuterie, not cake. Gerard’s Bar is the spot to sip and snack, with the Elderflower Collins offering a cool and subtle mixture of gin, cucumber, green tea, lime, egg whites and soda.

Two-Tone Melody at The End: Cosy drinking den The End is getting onboard with the celebrations with a toe tapping melody of its own. Tanqueray Gin is paired with fermented plum sour, rosé wine and lemon juice for a concoction that puts a hip twist on the gin fizz. The drink is also garnished with rose petals and vanilla dust, upping the wow factor even more.

The Shivering Phoenix at The Junk Bar: One of Brisbane’s best and longest-running suburban bars is a great place for a cheeky cocktail or three. If gin is what you are after (you wouldn’t be reading this far otherwise), order The Shivering Phoenix – a Junk original. Gin and sloe gin is mixed with rosemary, pear and clove puree, and then jazzed up with lemon juice and a hit of sugar syrup. One of these and you’ll be soaring like a phoenix in no time.

The Bloody Botanical at Botanical Bar & Kitchen: Not only does Botanical boast a sterling selection of quality gins to sip at your leisure, the bar also whips up a range of gin-based cocktails if you want to jazz up your drink. If you want something with a bit of pep, the Bloody Botanical mixes West Winds gin with tomato juice, Worcestershire, Tabasco, celery and cracked pepper. If that isn’t your style, perhaps try a gin spritz or a gin-based martini.

Three Shades of Purple at Mr and Mrs G Riverbar: Your social media connections will be three shades of green when they see you sipping this beverage on World Gin Day. This potion boasts Plymouth sloe gin, Myrtille liqueur, Chase Smoke vodka, vanilla, citrus and grapefruit bitters. Who said this celebration wasn’t colourful?

Gin and tonic at Proud Henry Wine Bar & Ginoteca: We’d be remiss if we didn’t include something from Brisbane’s only ‘ginoteca’. While Proud Henry only serves gin and tonic, it’s the gin that they pour that really makes it worthy of a mention. The venue stocks a collection of extremely rare, small-batch drops from the Barossa Distilling Company, McHenry Distillery and Grandvewe’s Sheep Whey Gin, as well as several award-winning gins from across Australia.

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