The round-up: turn your bolognese into bol-amaze with help from Brisbane’s best cooking schools
The round-up: turn your bolognese into bol-amaze with help from Brisbane’s best cooking schools
The round-up: turn your bolognese into bol-amaze with help from Brisbane’s best cooking schools
The round-up: turn your bolognese into bol-amaze with help from Brisbane’s best cooking schools

The round-up: turn your bolognese into bol-amaze with help from Brisbane’s best cooking schools

Since the advent of My Kitchen Rules and MasterChef, everyone is an armchair expert when it comes to home cooking. It’s one thing to park your caboose on the couch and dish out cutting critiques on an amateur chef’s botched scampi with anchovy butter, but if you are imparting your wisdom through mouthfuls of cereal for dinner then perhaps you need to evaluate your own cooking game. If something such as boiling water makes your palms sweat with anxiety, we suggest you get your head in the game and pick up a few tips from some of Brisbane’s finest cooking schools.

James Street Cooking School: For the past 11 years the James Street Cooking School has been a great place to discover your inner chef thanks to its consummate offering of small-sized classes helmed by professionals. Learn all about cooking amazing Indian cuisine, fast and furious seafood, modern French, Vietnamese and more. At the end of each hands-on class, students get to sit down and enjoy their creation with a few glasses of matched wine or beer, with recipes available to take home to impress your friends or loved one.

Mondo Organics: Say you’ve invited a new love interest around for dinner with the promise of the best home-cooked meal they’ve ever had. The pressure is on, right? If you know you can’t walk the walk as well as you can talk the talk, Mondo Organics has a cooking school that can bring your skills up to scratch. With classes designed to educate and stimulate beginners and seasoned seasoners, the Mondo Organics cooking school specialises in sourcing, cooking and presenting organic produce that will surely woo your new beau.

Golden Pig: When it comes to top-flight cooking schools, Golden Pig gets the big tick of approval from us. The classes on offer take in a range of gourmet cuisines that we’d typically think were out of our skill set, but we are assured otherwise. Just look at the classes available – French bistro cooking, Spanish tapas, beer, birds, beef and barbecue, and Moroccan summer delights. The sound of those classes gets our tummies rumbling, so imagine how chuffed we’d be if we could actually cook it all.

Putia Pure Food: Banyo residents absolutely rave about the fare at Putia Pure Food, which is owned and operated by accomplished chef Dominique Rizzo. In addition to terrific cafe fare, Putia Pure Food also houses a swish cooking school, which offers a range of classes, demonstrations and workshops across a selection of topics. Sign up for an individual class or for a series and enjoy a complimentary beverage while you get hands-on in the stylishly appointed kitchen.

Vanilla Zulu: Wilston’s Vanilla Zulu cooking school is perfect for those shy types that need a confidence boost in the kitchen. The classes here are designed to be less intimidating to newcomers with a friendly environment to explore the simple joys of good food. Three-hour sessions are available to start, with a six week skills course also on offer for those that get bitten by the cooking bug hard. Vanilla Zulu’s classes encompass the likes of Thai cuisine, rustic Italian, healthy eating recipes, and desserts and pastries.

My Thai Kitchen: Thai cuisine is popular for a reason – that being that it is incredibly delicious. With such an exciting flavour profile Thai cuisine can be hard to master at home, but thankfully chef Taya Meeikeaw is more than happy to impart her extensive knowledge of Thai food to inexperienced hands. My Thai Kitchen offers classes to aspiring cooks of all ages as well as to kids with an insatiable appetite for knowledge. From classic Thai staples to street food bites and the best way to use herbs and spices, you’ll be creating prime-time Thai in no time.

The Norman Hotel: Any carnivore worth their salt will be familiar with the steaks at The Normal Hotel, which is self-styled as Brisbane’s worst vegetarian restaurant. The hearty slabs of meat available here are to die for, but did you know that you can actually sign up to learn how to cook one of The Norman’s succulent steaks? Before barbecue season starts, sign up for a mastersteak class and learn how to grill cuts to perfection from the experts. Each class runs for two hours and comes with a beer, wine or non-alcoholic drinks package and a chef apron to take home.

Angelo’s Pasta: When it comes to pasta, it doesn’t get much more authentic than the varieties made at Angelo’s Pasta on Wandoo Street. As one of the first spots in Brisbane to produce fresh sheeted pasta, Angelo’s is undoubtedly one of the best places to go for advice. Angelo’s Pasta hosts a series of pasta masterclasses that will teach students how to make homemade pasta, how to roll your own pasta, how to make different cuts and sauce tips and recipes. All attendees will receive a gift pack, all of the pasta you can make and a pasta lunch with dessert and coffee. Bellisimo!

Cutie Pies Baking School: If there’s one thing parents can attest to, kids love getting active in the kitchen if baking is involved. As kids we all wanted to lick the mixing spoon after whipping up cake batter (some of us adults still do), so if your little one has a keen eye for the culinary arts then Cutie Pies offers a range of classes for kids to express themselves through baking. Kids will learn all the kitchen basics and terminology under expert supervision – so parents can relax and let their kids create.

In My Own Kitchen: Luisa Tolado has been teaching Brisbanites how to cook healthy and wholesome meals for years, making a name for herself with In My Own Kitchen, a brilliant boutique cooking school. From kids to adults, Luisa can teach interested patrons how to whip up quality dishes in the comfort of your own home or as part of a group class at Luisa’s kitchen. Get some friends together and make a party out of it – then eat the spoils of your education.

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