The round-up: our 300 favourite eats and drinks in Brisbane
The round-up: our 300 favourite eats and drinks in Brisbane
The round-up: our 300 favourite eats and drinks in Brisbane
The round-up: our 300 favourite eats and drinks in Brisbane
The round-up: our 300 favourite eats and drinks in Brisbane
The round-up: our 300 favourite eats and drinks in Brisbane
The round-up: our 300 favourite eats and drinks in Brisbane
The round-up: our 300 favourite eats and drinks in Brisbane
The round-up: our 300 favourite eats and drinks in Brisbane

The round-up: our 300 favourite eats and drinks in Brisbane

Pull out those party poppers friends – this week marks 300 issues of The Weekend Edition: Brisbane. Woot! Over those 300 issues we’ve sipped on a lot of craft beer, munched on a whole lot of delicious food and Instagrammed more avocado on toast than we care to admit. To celebrate, the team has come together to compile our 300 favourite bites and sips across our fine city. Not since Gerard Butler lead a fearsome procession of scantily clad spartans to war have we been this amazed by 300 of anything. We’re not going to suggest you go through and eat everything listed below (we’re also not not suggesting it), but it’s a pretty good indicator of the strength of our food scene, from tasty cheaps eats through to the finest of dishes and most delectable cocktails. What’s more, this list is not even close to exhaustive – there’s always more out there to try. So let’s raise a glass to the past 300 issues, and another glass to 300 more!

Okay, so we know 300 is a huge list. To make it easier on you to find your favourite cafe, restaurant or bar, we’ve put the list in alphabetical order. Jump to each letter below.

# | A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z

1. 1889 Enoteca – gnocchi with pork and fennel sausage, parmesan cream and black truffle tapenade
2. 31 Degrees Custom Chocolates – port and dark chocolate ganache and hand-rolled truffle
3. 5 Dogs – roast beef and gravy roll
4. 85 Miskin – street lobster with house-smoked salmon, fettuccini, crab bisque, black garlic crouton and parmesan
5. Allium – Borrowdale pork belly, spiced carrot, date, sherry caramel
6. Arabella’s – Sambusic filled with lamb, onion, pine nuts and herbs
7. Archive Beer Boutique – baked camembert with sage and garlic, mango relish, petite lavosh
8. ARIA – roast duck, carrot, orange, wood-ear mushroom
9. Artie & Mai – duck ragu with fettuccini and shaved parmesan
10. Atalanta Bar & Greek – King prawns, lemon braised baby fennel, Pernod infused broth, broken feta, dill
11. Banoi – wonton noodle soup with pork and prawn wontons in chilli oil and sweet soy, served with egg and glass noodles in a pork soup topped with minced pork and pork-fat croutons
12. Banter Bar & Seafood – posh fish finger sandwich
13. Bar Pacino – Nutella shots
14. Barbara – a schooner of the house beer, Babs!
15. Barcadia – roasted jerk marinated half-chicken
16. Beccofino – Number 1 pizza – tomato, fior di latte, basil and thinly sliced prosciutto di Parma
17. Bellissimo Coffee – freshly baked white choc and raspberry muffin
18. Ben’s Burgers – cheeseburger with maple bacon and a side of fries with special sauce
19. Betty’s Burgers – Betty’s classic burger with an extra beef patty and a side of onion rings
20. Beyond the Pale –mac’n’cheese nuggets with chilli jam
21. Big Roddy’s Rippin’ Rib Shack – baby-back pork ribs with grilled corn basted in garlic butter
22. Billykart Kitchen – Aussie asian eggs with prawns, bacon, deep-fried eggs, oyster sauce, chilli, shiso cress
23. Bird’s Nest Yakitori – Kori Kori Kokoro – Crispy fried chicken hearts and gizzards, crunchy garlic, chilli, shallots
24. Bitter Suite – salt-poached chicken risotto
25. Black Hide Steakhouse – Angus OP rib on the bone served with wagyu-fat roasted potatoes
26. Blackbird Bar & Grill – Mayura Station full-blood wagyu tomahawk (to share!)
27. Blackstar Coffee – Full Creamy cold-pressed coffee
28. Blockhouse Eat + Drink – truffled lobster mac and cheese
29. Bloodhound Bar – Hillbilly Chilli tacos with fennel and chilli grilled pumpkin topped with house-made radish pickle
30. Bootlegger – the Pitmaster Platter with pork sausage, pork ribs, beef brisket, fried chicken, coleslaw and fries
31. Botanica – kale salad with parmesan, sourdough croutons, and garlic dressing
32. Brat Haus – cheese kransky
33. Brisbane Brewing Co. – brewery chilli with corn bread
34. Brisbane German Club – Pork knuckle – slow-roasted 1 kg pork hock with fried potatoes, sauerkraut and smoked beer gravy
35. Brooklyn Depot – The Ultimate Cookout Burger with tender beef brisket, juicy beef rib meat, slaw, pickles, jalapeno poppers, crispy mozzarella sticks, sriracha mayo, barbecue sauce
36. Bucci – Bucci Agnolotti – house-made pasta parcels filled with braised lamb neck, onions, parmesan, rosemary and chilli served with fresh crushed garden peas
37. Burger Project – spicy fried chicken katsu burger
38. Burger Time 69 – the Gorgon Zola with beef, bacon, special cheese, blue cheese, onions and buffalo ketchup
39. Cafe 63 – the Elle Macpherson with scrambled eggs mixed with bacon and cheese + hash brown + toast
40. Cafe O-Mai – Aunty five’s claypot baked eggs with Vietnamese lemongrass pork sausage, mushroom, tomato and tamarind sauce served with sourdough
41. Cake & Bake – Red velvet butterfly cupcakes
42. California Native – Beef signature baked enchiladas – beef wrapped in a corn tortilla and coated with house-made enchilada sauce and cheddar, oven baked and served with Spanish rice, refried black beans and sour cream
43. Camp – mushrooms with roasted peach and goats cheese
44. Canvas – the Mother Of Dragons with black peppercorn-infused Tanqueray gin, strawberry syrup, lime and cucumber mixed with mint and topped with soda, served with a dragon’s flame
45. Carolina Kitchen – Aunt Lilly-Mae’s barbecue ribs with potato salad
46. Cha Cha Char – striplion served with tempura Tasmanian pacific oysters from Bruney Island and truffled ponzu dressing
47. Charboys – the Queenslander burger with southern fried chicken, lettuce, tomato, onion, special sauce, crispy bacon, cheese, grilled pineapple and a coconut chilli sauce
48. Charles Baker Donuts and Coffee – strawberry-jam stuffed doughnut
49. Charlie’s Raw Squeeze – pina colada punch-flavoured nice cream
50. Chester Street Bakery – lemon meringue pie
51. CHI Mc – whole marinated crispy chicken with soy
52. Chop Chop Chang’s – Jungle Curry with wild-caught snapper, snakebeans, cherry tomatoes, scud chilli
53. Chu The Phat – beef kalbi, shiso leaf, ssamjang and an assortment of kimchi
54. Ciao Gelato – choc-cherry coconut ice-cream and some vegan pops to go
55. Comuna Cantina – pulled-pork arepas with apple slaw
56. Continental Cafe – pan-seared lamb’s fry and bacon, desiree potato mash, roast tomato jus
57. Copado – tin spaghetti jaffle with melted aged cloth cheddar
58. Corbett and Claude – pan-fried gnocchi with pesto cream and grilled chicken
59. Covent Garden – lamb hearts, arrabiata sauce, parsley, capers
60. Coyotito – daily special ceviche with house pink pickles and tortilla chips
61. Cribb Street Social – grilled whole lemon sole with fried caper and burnt butter sauce.
62. DA’Burger – the DA’Burger with cheese, flamed-grilled black Angus beef patty, lettuce, tomato, red onion, mayo, DA’Burger’s own tomato relish and cheddar
63. Dalgety Public House – 12-hour lamb shoulder with crispy chat potatoes, steamed greens, roast capsicum, candied walnuts and harissa yoghurt
64. Darling & Co – Fraser Coast spanner crab omelette with green papaya, coriander, chilli
65. Deathproof – house-made black waffles, buttermilk fried chicken, Sailer Jerry maple syrup and coffee jalapeno butter
66. Deer Duck Bistro – sous-vide duck, roasted pumpking, goji berries and cherry gastrique
67. Dello Mano – honey-caramelised macadamia brownies
68. Detour – masterstock salmon, wakame, poached shallots, black ants
69. District 1 – crispy squid and green papaya salad
70. Doughnut Time – the Liam Hemsworthy, a red-velvet doughnut with a vegan cookies and cream frosting, crushed choc ripple biscuits and a vegan chocolate glaze drizzle
71. Drum – fish fingers with pinenut crumb pickled fennel zest sauce gribiche
72. Dumpling Republic – steamed pork and crab meat XLB dumplings
73. Dutch Courage Officers’ Mess – the Werther’s Original featuring Wyborowa vodka, salted caramel, passionfruit, Sailor Jerry spiced rum, egg white
74. Electric Avenue – lamb racks and lamb belly, carrot puree and gel, farofa, charred marinated capsicum, horseradish ash
75. esq. – Moreton Bay cuttlefish brushed with parsley and garlic
76. esquire – coconut with curry leaf madras and lime, cotton cake
77. Factory 51 – rubbed and mopped slow-cooked brisket with chipotle adobo ketchup
78. Fat Dumpling – pan-fried pork and chinese cabbage dumplings
79. Fat Noodle – fat pho noodles with chef Luke’s signature beef broth, thinly sliced Angus sirloin and brisket, bean sprouts, fresh Thai basil, fresh chilli and rice noodles
80. Fitz + Potts – the Vegan ‘Cheese’ Platter with Fënn smoked and plain ‘cheese’, vegan cheddar, fresh medjool dates and more
81. Flour & Chocolate – bread-and-butter pudding
82. Fogata Latin Fusion – the Bandeja Del Mar with coconut prawns, lightly crumbed calamari, mussels and grapefruit-marinated baby octopus sauteed in white wine and tomato sugo
83. Fromage The Cow – fondue gorgonzola with blue cheese, mozzarella, red and white wine sauce, sliced meats, crudites, pear
84. Funny Funny Korean Restaurant & Pub – bulgogi beef
85. Gauge – pan-fried cobia, clams, artichoke, yeast, brown butter
86. Gelato Messina – salted caramel gelato with white chocolate chip
87. Gerard’s Bar – flamed sobrassada, rooftop honeycomb, potato crisps
88. Gerard’s Bistro – suckling pig, fermented pumpkin, raisin, barberry, macadamia, burnt butter, mint
89. Getta Burger – Getta BBQ Melt with beef brisket, double cheese, thick-cut grilled bread
90. Giardinetto – calzone with salami, mushroom, capsicum, ham, cheese served with napoletana sauce
91. Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers – gnocchi with wild mushroom and truffle sauce
92. GOMA Restaurant – bay lobster, bauple, riberry, finger lime
93. Goodness Gracious – Cuban steak sandwich with Angus steak, pickled cucumber, pineapple jam, coconaise, sprouts, parmesan sourdough
94. Greaser – fried chicken with a side of ‘groutine’
95. Green Beacon Brewing Co. – a pint of the ‘Wayfarer’ USA beer
96. Greenhaus Coffee – breakfast parfait
97. Grownavocado with house-made Vegemite and sesame cheese on sourdough
98. Gunshop Cafe – potato and fetta hash cakes, herbed sour cream, heirloom tomato
99. Hai-Hai Ramen – vegetarian ramen with a side of tofu katsu steam buns
100. Hakataya Ramen – charsiu-men ramen
101. Happy Boy – eggplant with roast pork belly and preserved vegetables
102. Harajuku Gyoza – Raindrop Cake
103. Harveys Bar + Bistro – chicken schnitzel with haloumi-crumb, sweet potato, whipped feta, char-grilled broccoli and tomato salad
104. Hello Please – crispy chicken ribs with green chilli soy
105. Heya Bar – sesame cauliflower karaage with sweet chilli sauce
106. Himalayan Cafe – Sherpa Chicken (diced chicken breast with a touch or curry and sour cream finished with coriander) with a side of Himalayan bread and traditional dipping sauce
107. Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tarts – classic three-cheese tart
108. Hope and Anchor – salt and pepper jumbo quail with wombok and lemon
109. I Heart Brownies – peanut butter brownie
110. Il Centro – Lasagne alla Granseola – Il Centro’s famous sand crab lasagne with creamed crustacean sauce
111. Il Verde – Parmigiano Reggiano cheese-wheel pasta
112. In A Pickle – Canadian French toast with bacon, candied pecans, double cream and spiced maple
113. Jakarta Restaurant – Ikan Bakar – whole sole fish marinated and chargrilled
114. Jessie’s Girl – Pipis cooked in apple cider with bacon, herbs and lemon washed down with a spritz
115. Jo-Jo’s – chips with mushroom sauce
116. Jocelyn’s Provisions – chocolate sour cream cake
117. John Mills Himself – El Greengo – Tromba Blanco tequila, verdita, agave syrup, fresh lime juice and salt
118. Julius Pizzeria – Tartufo pizza – mozzarella, smoked bacon, portobello mushrooms, stracchino and truffle paste
119. Junk – crispy pork belly in kaffir lime and dark palm sugar caramel, laksa, green papaya and cashew nut salad
120. Kettle & Tin – Death by Chocolate French toast with brioche, creme fraiche, Milo ice cream, pecan praline
121. Kim Thanh Hot Bread – barbecue pork roll
122. Kin & Co. – savoury mince with slow-roasted beef brisket and chèvre
123. King Ahiram – falafel kebab
124. King Arthur – tuna tartare taco with pickled egg, watermelon rojo, grapefruit pearls, edamame
125. King of the Wings – the Chillogy wings
126. Kiss the Berry – Snykers Delight bowl
127. KokoBana – The Hot Chicky Burger with tangy marinated chicken thigh and housemade slaw
128. Kookaburra Cafe & Italian Pizzeria – Gorgonzola Special – sliced fresh tomato, bacon & blue veined cheese
129. La Lune Wine Co – duck and vanilla rillettes, Davidson’s plum and anise myrtle
130. La Macelleria Gelateria – stracciatella gelato
131. La Quinta – Pollo Tostada el Grande – a crisp flour tortilla bowl filled with chicken, cheese, lettuce, tomato, salsa, refried beans, guacamole, sour cream and Mexican rice
132. Lady Marmalade – chilli cheese cornbread waffle topped with savoury mince, minced chorizo and black beans, fontina cheese, sour cream and fried egg
133. Le Petit Paris – Nutella and strawberry crepes
134. Lefkas Taverna – lachanontolmades – cabbage rolls filled with mince, rice and tomato salsa
135. Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall – whiskey apple cocktail
136. Let Minnow – falafel and sweet potato fritters, fattoush salad, za’atar spiced croutons and a red pepper sauce
137. Libertine – cracklin’ twice-cooked free-range pork belly with cognac and chilli glace, fermented red cabbage, spicy pickled watermelon and fresh mint
138. Lick! Ice Cream – doffles topped with ice-cream
139. Little Beirut Bistro – the Beirut Platter with one skewer, one kibbeh, one fattayer, one lahm b’ajin, two felafels served with Lebanese bread, Hommus and Fattoush
140. Little Big House – the ‘Feels Like Apple Pie’ canned cocktail
141. Little Clive – Bacon Pancakes – maple syrup, caramel popcorn, bourbon butter
142. Little Greek Taverna – Keftedes meal – individually rolled pan-fried meatballs with traditional Greek salad
143. Little Loco – Green Bowl – kale, spinach, broccolini, fetta, pomegranate, avocado and dukkah with bacon
144. Loaded Food Co. – peanut-butter slice
145. Lokal + Co potato waffle with house-cured salmon gravlax, citrus onions, salmon pearls and labne
146. LONgTIME – crispy whole fish with three flavour vinaigrette, shallots and lemongrass
147. Lucky Egg – original crispy chicken burger with Helmann’s slaw and honey mustard sauce
148. Mac From Way Back – spicy chilli chorizo mac ‘n’ cheese
149. Madame Rouge Bar + Bistro – escargots with garlic butter
150. Maker – dark rum, banana, honey, espresso
151. Malt Dining – panisse butternut, asparagus, green garlic
152. Mamak Tandoori House – Lamb Kapitan – diced lamb cooked in onion, chilli, herbs, coconut cream and lemongrass paste Malaysian style
153. Martha Street Kitchen – pork sausage with mushroom and fennel ragu, rigatoni
154. Melt Brothers – the M.C. Cheesy, stuffed with macaroni and cheese, maple bacon, chipotle may, mozzarella, cheddar with a side of tater tots
155. Merriweather – parmesan pea risotto with pesto and olive oil drizzle
156. Micasa Food Truck – Royale with Cheese burger – 150 g hand-pressed Angus beef, double American cheese, dill pickles, diced onions and handmade tomato relish in a sweet brioche bun with French fries
157. Milani House of Gelato – the Blackforest sundae
158. Mirchh Masala – masala cheese dosa
159. Miss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen – baklava French toast with raspberry rose jam, pistachio crumb, maple orange and cinnamon syrup
160. Miss Claude’s Crepes – crepe filled with salted caramel, sliced banana and creme chantilly, topped with banana, salted caramel, chocolate flake and vanilla ice-cream
161. Miss Jones – eggs benedict – hash and cheddar waffles topped with avocado, chorizo, chipotle hollandaise
162. Miss Kay’s – poutine burger with beef patty, bacon bits, haloumi, fries, gravy, pickle, lettuce and mayo
163. Mister Fitz’s Finest Ice Cream – Ain’t Yo Mama ice-cream sandwich, with choc chip cookie, cookie dough ice-cream, pretzel crumb
164. Moda – caulflower panna cotta with Avruga caviar
165. MoMo Chicken City – boneless candy chicken (sweet and spicy)
166. Montrachet – Soufflé au Crabe et au Gruyère – double-baked souffle with crab meat and gruyere cheese finished with a light cream bisque
167. MooFree Burgers – VBD (Vegan Brothers Delight) with beefless pattie, facon rashers, vegan cheese, caramelised onion pickles, tomato, lettuce and mustard mayo
168. morning after – MaMuffin with sausage, egg, american cheese, spiced pickled chutney & hash brown
169. Mr America – The Hound Dog – freshly steamed bun, deep-fried corn dog topped with authentic American mustard and ketchup
170. Mr Bunz – crispy-skin Peking duck bao with hoisin, cucumber and spring onion
171. Mr Burger – Mr Double – double beef, double cheese, double bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle and Trucker sauce
172. Mrs Brown’s Bar & Kitchen – Mrs Brown’s Lamb Paratha Pancake – fried paratha bread stued with Middle Eastern-spiced lamb mince, served with minted yoghurt
173. Mrs Luu’s Vietnamese Kitchen – Three Little Piggies bahn mi with Viet porchetta, barbecue pork and Viet ham
174. Ms Chi Qi – nem nuong bun – grilled port patties with vermicelli salad
175. Mu’ooz Eritrean Restaurant – Mbisi – locally sourced goat slowly cooked with onion, garlic, capsicum, green chili and herbs
176. Mucho Mexicano – battered snapper tacos with green chilli aioli, radish, coriander
177. My Street Food – M.S.F Crispy Chicken Fried Rice – crispy fried rice with seasoned chicken served with cucumber and pickles
178. Mylk + Ko – pavlova pancakes with lemon curd, fruit confetti, dehydrated meringue and Cocowhip
179. Naïm – Shakshuka – Tunisian-style baked eggs, tomato and capsicum sauce, spices, olives and toasted turkish bread
180. Nativo Kitchen & Bar – Lasagna di Manzo with slow-cooked wagyu bolognese, tomato sugo, spinach, hand-rolled pasta
181. Neighbourhood Pizza – P.C.B pizza with ricotta cream, roast potato, chives, bacon
182. Netherworld – Sasquatch bowl with coleslaw, torn barbecue jackfruit, onion rings, sweet potato waffles, dill pickles, jalapeno cashew cream and American mustard
183. New Farm Deli – Italiano – fresh slices of prosciutto, fior di latte cheese, sliced tomato, poached eggs, drizzle of pesto and toasted ciabatta
184. New Shanghai – steamed xiao long bao
185. Newstead Brewing Co. – The Mayne Thing golden ale
186. nodo – pumpkin maple donut with couverture dark chocolate and gingerbread crumble
187. Noosa Chocolate Factory – vegan rocky road
188. Notorious E.A.T PBJ Diddy with crispy fried chicken, lettuce, bacon, cheese, peanut butter, jelly and jalapenos
189. NYC Bagel Deli – The Reuben with pastrami, Swiss cheese, pickles, sauerkraut and Russian dressing
190. Original Dave’s Low & Slow BBQ – beef brisket served with house-made coleslaw and Cowboy Caviar
191. Osbourne Hotel – sticky pork ribs with Asian barbecue sauce, wasabi coleslaw and herbed potatoes
192. OTTO – ravioli – Moreton Bay blue swimmer crab and mascarpone filled pasta, black garlic crema
193. Paw Paw Asian Kitchen – Massaman curry with slow-cooked beef cheek, kipfler potatoes and peanut / Vego option : Roti Canai
194. Pearl Cafe – rare roast rib fillet sandwich with caramelised onion, provolone, horseradish dijonnaise, pickled cucumber, cress
195. Pepe’s Mexican – chimichanga – burrito deep fried with cheese and beef topped with chilli, lettuce and cheese, served with rice and beans
196. Phatboys – chorizo roll with batatas fritas
197. Piefection – Guinness beef and mushroom pie
198. Piggy Back Cafe – pink pataya panna cotta with house-made granola, edible flowers and berries
199. Pineapple Express – lime chicken san choy bau – lemon, lime and ginger marinated chicken served in iceberg lettuce cups with bean shoot and lentil salad
200. Pitch & Fork – heirloom tomato fritters with poached eggs, bacon, tzatziki, herbs
201. Pizzeria Violetta – Quattro Formaggi pizza with mozzarella, gorgonzola, provola, taleggio, basil, EVO oil
202. PJ’s Steaks – original Philly cheesesteak with a side of onion rings
203. Plenty – rye waffles with poached eggs, cream cheese and smoked salmon
204. Ploughman – Sourdough bread loaded with vegan cheese with house made sauerkraut on the side
205. Polish Club – Ruskie pierogi dumplings with ricotta and potato
206. Popolo – signature slow-roasted Gippsland porchetta, caramelised fennel, star anise reduction
207. Press Club – Press Club Sour – Jameson Irish Whisky, Chivas Regal 12 Whisky, lemon, cherry, raspberry, squid ink and egg whites, garnished with dehydrated orange and a cherry
208. Prova Pizzeria – Prova Antipasto – selection of Italian cured meats and cheeses, marinated vegetables and truffled honey (complete with hanging meats)
209. Public – jerk ham, pineapple, black bean
210. Punjabi Palace – chicken tikka jalfrezi cooked in royal spices with onions, tomato and capsicum
211. Quan Thanh – hot and sour soup with king prawns
212. Quincy’s Bar & Cafe – toastie with ham off the bone, mustard, American cheddar, pickles and special sauce
213. Ramen Champion – Black Champion ramen with vegetables, flame-grilled pork slices and garlic sauce
214. Red Hook – Uptown Funk burger – beef, American cheddar, gorgonzola sauce, caramelised onions, bacon, buffalo ketchup
215. Remy’s – bacon cheeseburger with beef, bacon, cheddar, pickle, ketchup and jalapeno mayo
216. Ristorante La Famiglia – la porchetta with sweet potato and apple puree, sauteed kale, house made veal jus
217. River Quay Fish – macadamia nut barramundi, pan fried and served with roasted macadamia butter
218. Rogue Spice Canteen – 18-hour char-grilled coconut beef ribs with tamarind glaze and rice
219. Ruby the Little Red Ice Cream Van – traditional soft-serve with sherbet dip
220. S’mores Galore – The Wagon with Wagon Wheels, Nutella, marshmallow and salted cashews
221. Saccharomyces Beer Cafe – Mac N Three Cheese – macaroni drowned in three-cheese sauce
222. Saké – Cape Grim short rib bo ssam with baby gem lettuce, pickles, confit garlic, ssam sauce
223. Salt Meats Cheese – gnocchi di patate gamberi e pesto – potato gnocchi with basil pesto and prawns
224. Saluti Restaurant E Grappa Bar –  spaghetti carbonara served in a basket of grana padano
225. Same Same But Different – Pablo Diabolo – potato, sour cream and chive hashcake, with haloumi, pulled slow-roasted pork, avocado, charred corn and black bean salsa, spiced fried egg, green mole
226. Sasquatch Bar – Sticky Maggi Pork Belly with coriander, salted carrots and crispy onions
227. Sassafras Canteen – Ricotta hotcakes with honeycomb butter
228. Satay Ria – Hainan Chicken – Hainan chicken served with chicken-flavoured rice and vegetables
229. Savile Row – Turner & Hooch cocktail – fresh passionfruit, Ketel One vodka, Creme de Violettes, lemon myrtle and thyme syrup, fresh citrus, the juice of a green apple and edible flower garnish
230. Seoul Bistro – honey wasabi chicken wings and a side of takoyaki
231. Seven South – scorched corn and potato fritters with smoked capsicum gezpacho, poached eggs, herb and chilli salad
232. Seymour’s Oysters & Cocktails – spanner crab ‘cigar’ and Moreton Bay Bug raviolo, bisque, capers, basil oil
233. Shady Palms Cafe & Bar – three-way cauliflower and couscous salad
234. Shucks Bar – grilled oysters with green garlic butter
235. Siam Square – larbe chicken – minced chicken with red onion, shallot, mint leaves, lime leaves, chilli powder and lemon juice
236. Sichuan Bang Bang – classic Sichuan Ma La beef dry pot with bamboo shoots, lotus root, broccoli, fungus, bean curd skin and tofu
237. Sol Breads – cinnamon and honey ricotta with fresh fruit on sourdough toast
238. Sorellina – potato, pancetta, smoked mozzarella, parmesan and rosemary pizza
239. Sourced Grocer – cabbage pancakes, broccoli, goats cheese, soft egg
240. Southside Tea Room – The Hungry Hippie sandwich with fried egg, avocado, tomato, cheddar, and sprouts on seeded pumpkin sourdough
241. Sparrow + Finch – open steak sandwich – chargrilled fillet steak, caramelised onion, egg, bacon, lettuce, tomato, beetroot, gruyere cheese, aioli and fries
242. Stokehouse Q – Clarence River octopus, romesco sauce, burnt onion dressing, green tomato
243. Sugo mi – Buratta pizza with sugo, anchovy, basil and fresh buratta
244. Suki  – the 3 Amigos with salmon, tuna and kingfish, classic sauce, cabbage, cucumber, beetroot, red onion and surimi crab
245. Super Combo – The Hadoken Burger with beef patty, American cheese, caramelised onion, roasted tomato, parmesan crisp
246. Super Whatnot – Nachos Locos black beans, cheese, pico de gallo, especial sour cream
247. Sushi Kenzen – Create Your Taste sushi roll with salmon sashimi and Kenzen sauce
248. Sushi Kotobuki – Lion King roll with crab stick, cucumber, avocado, with slightly grilled salmon
249. Taj Mahal – butter chicken with a cheese and spinach naan
250. Tapi – Unicorn shake
251. Taro’s Ramen – fire tonkotsu with Bangalow sweet pork nori, egg, shallots and chilli oil
252. Tartufo – carpaccio di manzo with grass-fed beef tenderloin, extra virgin olive oil and lemon, fresh rocket, shaved parmesan, pickled forest moss grown mushrooms, truffle, and Jerusalem artichokes chips
253. Thai Wi-Rat – sai grog isan sausage and som tum with pork neck
254. The Baker’s Arms – homemade traditional Nepalese chicken momo sauteed with shallots, onions and capsicums in a homemade sweet chilli sauce
255. The Bun Mobile – The Pork Bun – twice-cooked pork, hoisin sauce, sakura pickled cucumber and shallot batons
256. The Burrow – Lumberjack Breakfast – potato hash, pancake with all the fixins, sourdough, smoky maple beans, greens, two poached eggs, bacon and merguez sausage
257. The Catchment Brewing Co. – pale ale mussels with garlic, chilli and crispy ciabatta
258. The Cheese Pleaser – three-cheese sandwich with smoked bacon and pear
259. The Coop Bistro – chicken parmy with fries and mum’s crunchy slaw
260. The Corner Store Cafe – chorizo chilli scramble tacos, avocado, corn salsa, chipotle crema, jalapenos, lime, haloumi, corn tortilla
261. The Dalgety Public House – 12-hour lamb shoulder with crispy chat potatoes, steamed greens, roast capsicum, candied walnuts and harissa yoghurt
262. The Dapper and Chic – Po Boy Shrimp – beer-battered king prawns dusted in homemade Cajun seasoning, served with slaw on a bun
263. The Defiant Duck – black-eyed bean chilli beef with American cheddar, jalapeños and cilantro
264. The Doughnut Bar – caramel Monte Carlo doughcone
265. The End – Rainbow beer
266. The Fox Hotel – Cauliflower Parmigiana – buttermilk-battered cauliflower steak, napoli, mozzarella, chips and salad
267. The Gettin’ Place – Frog in a Hole – garlic-buttered toast with a fried egg in a hole served with smoked ham, rich tomato relish and salad greens
268. The Goat Pie Guy – Deluxe Goat Pie – rich, tender slow cooked goat meat, infused with honey and thyme, finished with a balsamic reduction
269. The Gresham – Sunnyboy – vodka, coconut, passionfruit, vanilla, pineapple, butter
270. The Jam Pantry – Nim’s Eggs – poached eggs, streaky bacon, banana chutney, pesto-roasted tomatoes, toasted quinoa and soy sourdough
271. The Moray Cafe – twice-baked crab and gruyere soufflé
272. The Norman Hotel – ‘Big Norman’ rump with garden salad and bacon-topped Idaho potato
273. The Priory Kitchen – breakfast chili and corn fritter – slow-cooked aromatic beef cheek chili, corn and coriander fritter, natural yogurt, beetroot relish, guacamole, sesame dukkha and a poached egg
274. The Single Guys – malt pancake with burnt mascarpone and rosella compote finished with a white chocolate crumb
275. The Smoke BBQ – smoked beef quesadillas – slow-smoked beef, green onion, sharp cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese with cool house dipping sauce
276. The Smug Fig – beetroot and potato fritters with crushed avocado, grilled asparagus, dill hollandaise and a soft poached egg
277. The Survey Co – risotto with crab and chilli
278. The Three Monkeys – bowl of chai latte
279. The Vietnamese – sliced beef noodle soup (pho)
280. The Wolfe – smoked wallaby tartare, black rice, muntries
281. The Yiros Shop – pork yiros filled with tomato, red onion, parsley, tzatziki and chips
282. Tinderbox Kitchen – Savoyarde pizza with potato, rosemary, caramelised onion, pancetta, leek, chilli and three cheeses
283. Tippler’s Tap – Chicago hot dog topped with onion, gherkin relish, American mustard, tomato, pickle, cucumber, sport pepper and a sprinkle of celery salt
284. Trang – crispy skin chicken egg noodle soup, served dry
285. Tuckeria – California-style beef burrito stuffed with fries
286. Twelve Boar – Buffalo wings with a side of beer-battered onion rings
287. Umami – Pineapple Fried Rice – pineapple, pecan nuts, Thai basil, corn, eggs, capsicum, spring onion and barbecued pork
288. Urbane – mushroom tortellini
289. Vaquero – spice-cured duck, blood pudding puree and poached peach
290. Veganyumm – vegan rainbow cake
291. Verve Cafe – beef ragu pappadelle – tender slow-braised beef, red wine, tomato, fresh thyme, sticky balsamic
292. Vira Lata – Brazilian steak sandwich with reverse-seared grass-fed rump cap, herb aioli and hand-cut salsa
293. Wagaya – salmon and wasabi sushi roulette
294. West End Charcoal – red curry tofu wrap – marinated tofu, slaw, peanuts, coconut, cucumber, coriander, lettuce and sweet chilli sauce
295. Wild Canary – sweet potato falafels, beetroot labneh, dukkah, grilled haloumi, shaved asparagus, poached free range eggs and Ghost Gully leafy greens
296. Wilde Kitchen – Broth Bowl – bone broth with sliced beef, liver powder, zucchini noodles and Asian herbs
X gon’ give it to ya
297. Yard Bird Ale House – death-sentence wings
298. Zagyoza – Tokyo curry dumplings
299. Ze Pickle – 3AM – pressed wagyu beef patty, maple bacon, Kanye’s fried cheeze sticks, guacamole and ZP sauce
300. Zero Fox – vegan bibimbap – rice bowl topped with veggies and traditional spicy Korean gravy

The Stumble Guide is our comprehensive Brisbane dining guide with more than 2400 places to eat, drink, shop and play.


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