The round-up: Brisbane’s most refreshing spring cocktails

The round-up: Brisbane’s most refreshing spring cocktails

The Brisbane weather is warming up and our cocktail bars are keeping us cool. We’ve rounded up some of our picks for best cocktails in town this spring.

It is no secret that spring is the best time in Brisbane – the days are bright and the nights are fresh. The heat hasn’t fully settled in but no longer is winter biting at our heels: perfect cocktail weather. We are spoiled for choice this season, with the veteran bars and the up-and-comers turning up the heat to produce the best tastes for our tongues. It’s hard to pick a favourite, so we have helped you narrow it down. In our spring cocktails round-up, we have selected a few tasty mixtures that you are sure to love.

For the warmer months ahead, we recommend checking out The Bowery for a sip of its Spring Rain Cooler, a vodka-based cocktail with grapefruit, passionfruit, white peach, orange marmalade and lemon juice. If you are strolling around West End, stop by Jungle and taste the Mai Tai, containing Pusser’s British Rum, orgeat, orange curacao, lime and white grapefruit juice – it’s a tasty twist on a summer staple. Newcomer to the cocktail scene Dutch Courage Officers Mess has some tasty springtime flavours on its menu. The Berry Costa is a new addition, which is a lively blueberry and citrus mix.

Renowned cocktail spot Sling Bar is whipping up new mixtures daily – much like one of their recent martini twists made with Gin Mare, Lillet and Maraschino, infused with absinthe ice and garnished with dill. Fortitude Valley cocktail-purists Fourth Wall can create anything on the spot, but ask for a mixture of Bacardi rum, white port, blueberries, lime, honey and absinthe for a drink with some springtime buzz. Newstead’s Twig & Berry serves up its namesake cocktail with Hayman’s Gin, Campari and black pepper, topped with a citrusy mix of orange, raspberries and red wine vinegar shrub.

Paddington haunt Kettle & Tin is well known for its delicious breakfasts, but the staff also serve up a mean cocktail once the sun goes down. Try the Stowaways by Sea, a blend of coconut rum, pineapple, orange, orgeat, lime, and bitters, topped with ginger beer, fresh mint and orange slices. Canvas is a mecca for cocktail lovers, and for spring the team recommends Pure Thoughts, an herbaceous and refreshing delight served short in a fancy glass. Flavours from pineapple and sage are offset with Bianco Vermouth and Yellow Chartreuse. There are a lot of ingredients at play, but the end result is astounding.

Lychee Lounge is bringing colour back this spring with its vibrant potion, the Jack Rose. Laird’s Applejack brandy, lemon juice and grenadine is finished with fresh apple and a maraschino cherry. If you feel like sharing, Alfred & Constance has some amazing cocktails that are perfect for two or three. Try the Kava Bowl at the Tiki Bar with some friends this spring. Finally, The End is launching a new summer cocktail menu on Saturday October 18 – why not pop in and try the English Exotica, a citrus mix with Laird’s Apple Jack, english marmalade, ginger, lemon juice, egg white and a dash of elderflower syrup and port.

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