The Bagel Boys
Frugal feasts – where to get a delicious lunch in The City for $10 or less
NeNe Chicken
Mr Bunz
Frugal feasts – where to get a delicious lunch in The City for $10 or less
Mrs Luu's

Frugal feasts – where to get a delicious lunch in The City for $10 or less

You’ve no doubt been in the situation where you’ve schlepped it to work sans lunch whilst completely disregarding the fact that buying lunch can be pretty dang expensive. Perhaps you were uninspired by the contents of your pantry, perhaps you were in a rush or perhaps you just plain old forgot – either way, your need to feed must be satiated. Instead of bemoaning your empty stomach and less-than-inspiring bank balance, you can take this handy list of spots in The City to get a delicious lunch for $10 or less and fill your belly minus the guilt of breaking your budget.

Melt Brothers: The saying goes that it ain’t easy being cheesy, but falling for the cheap charm of Melt Brothers feels totally effortless. Take some Insta-worthy cheese pull snaps with the Triple Cheese for just $6.50, or splash out for the bacon-and-egg stuffed Morning Glory for just $9.

Mr Bunz: There are few things in life more satisfying than sinking your teeth into a fluffy bao, so it’s a good thing we know a place where you can get ‘em cheap and succulent. Introduce yourself to Mr Bunz and his pork and chicken baos for $5 apiece, or treat yourself to a duck variety for $6.50.

Govindas: If you have a small budget but a big hunger, Govindas is the place to go. This vegan eatery dishes up hearty meals that truly go the distance, with a cheeky tenner getting you three dishes and rice (or a quiche and salad for $9).

Mrs Luu’s: Banh mi is what we like to refer to as the trifecta, on account of it fulfils three crucial criteria – taste, price and convenience. Just $8.50 will nab you one of Mrs Luu’s mouth-watering varieties of banh mi that you can easily eat on the run.

The Yiros Shop: We will advocate for haloumi any chance we get, especially when it comes wrapped in pita and accompanied by ripe tomato, fresh red onion and crispy chips. Lucky for all of us, you can grab this wonder at The Yiros shop for a mere ten clams.

Rolld: Think you can’t get a decent lunchtime feast without forking out the big bucks? Pho-geddaboutit! Rolld offers up steaming cups of the good stuff for just $7.90, with flavours like rare beef, shredded chicken or mushroom and tofu to choose from.

Izakaya Kotobuki: You may associate Izakaya Kotobuki with its fab selection of sushi, but the meals here are definitely another reason to pay a visit. The Albert Street haunt’s range of $8 donburi and rice bowls will make both your tastebuds and your wallet sing with delight.

Jan Powers Farmers Markets: Every Wednesday before the sun comes up, a bevy of Brisbane’s best providores assemble at Reddacliff Place to sell their fresh and fabulous wares. From mushroom boats to gozleme and everything in between, there are plenty of thrifty feeds to be had here.

Bagel Boys: Lunch just got a hole (heh) lot better with Bagel Boys, because picking up one of these mighty rings of goodness is one of the best ways to eat on the cheap. A humble schmear will only set you back $5, while the stacked and loaded varieties go for $10 each.

NeNe Chicken: For a cluckin’ good cheap lunch that won’t leave you wanting, a lunchtime visit to NeNe Chicken is a must-do. This swell little Korean joint dishes up serves of its original chicken for $9.95, its chicken burgers go for a tenner, plus you can get your mitts on a tenderloin wrap for a paltry $8.

Crave NYC: No matter what you have a hankering for, Crave NYC has got it covered. This rad little spot serves up made-to-order salads for $7.90 and delicious sandwiches for $6.90, with the option to create your own and add delicious extras.

Neil Perry’s Burger Project: Sometimes the only thing that can fill your lunchtime void is a good old-fashioned juicy burg but a lot of the time they don’t come cheap. Ditch your Maccas habit and head to Burger Project for a $9.50 classic beef burger.

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