The round-up: places you can get smashed avocado in Brisbane for less than $22
The round-up: places you can get smashed avocado in Brisbane for less than $22
The round-up: places you can get smashed avocado in Brisbane for less than $22
The round-up: places you can get smashed avocado in Brisbane for less than $22
The round-up: places you can get smashed avocado in Brisbane for less than $22

The round-up: places you can get smashed avocado in Brisbane for less than $22

So there’s a bit of a brouhaha going ‘round with this avocado on toast business. If you haven’t heard, Bernard Salt recently claimed one of the reasons millennials can’t afford houses is because they spend too much money on smashed avocado on toast – at roughly $22 a pop, by his estimate. Don’t let Bernie scare you dear readers. There are plenty of places around town for you to get your beloved smashed avo on toast for less than $22, and you can throw your spare change into a jar to put towards your house deposit. Or you know, a trip to Europe. But if Bernard has truly got you worried that you’ll never be able to afford a house because of your hectic smashed avocado habit, then feel free to save that $22 a week and make it at home! And you can season your avocado with your salty tears of joy knowing that in 125 years you might have saved enough money for a house deposit. Good for you.

Sourced Grocer: Avocado on toast has long been a favourite of locals at Teneriffe’s Sourced Grocer. For a mere $12 you can get a helping of the good stuff with house-smoked labneh, olive oil and citrus. Add a coffee to your order and you still haven’t hit the $20 danger zone. House deposit, here you come!

Lokal & Co: If IKEA has taught us anything, it’s that cheap doesn’t necessarily mean poor quality. West End cafe Lokal & Co’s Scandinavian sensibilities shine through in similar fashion with a no-nonsense but quality approach to its smashed avocado, which is served on quinoa toast, topped with citrus, herbed ricotta and sesame seeds for just $12.

St Coco Cafe: You can score good eats without dropping the heat at Daisy Hill’s St Coco, which scoops, smashes and spreads fresh avocado on toasted rye and tops it with house-made pickled vegetables, hummus and corn dukkah. Want to know how much that’ll set you back? $15. I know right, that’s crazy good.

King Arthur: Don’t let the high-end clothing boutiques fool you – eating breakfast on James Street is not an experience you need to take a loan out to enjoy. King Arthur’s avocado on grain with spiced labneh and house-made harissa will only cost 15 dollarydoos and will surely satisfy.

The Jam Pantry: Dressed up or dressed down, smashed avocado never need be more than $20. Nims Zavackis at The Jam Pantry knows this, and offers a simple avocado with lemon and pepper on sourdough for only ten smackers, and a fancier version with pickled and fresh strawberries, goats chevre and pistachio crumb for $15.

Goodness Gracious: Should you be looking to break bread without spending a lot of dough, Graceville’s Goodness Gracious plates up some smashed avocado on sourdough with almond tarator. It could be yours for a dirty dozen ($12).

Kin & Co: Just because you don’t necessarily have the bones to drop on a fancy schmancy breakfast, doesn’t mean your brekkie has to be bare bones. Teneriffe’s Kin & Co plates up a scrumptious smashed avocado on sourdough, then tops it with local honey, roasted lemon cheek, bee pollen, chevre, volcanic salt, sumac and edamame for $16.

Shawty’s Espresso: Woolloongabba’s Shawty’s Espresso doesn’t mess around with its avo on toast. This sunny cafe keeps things easy breezy by sticking to sourdough, the green stuff and fetta, which will only cost you $12 and boasts everything a growing body needs.

The Fox & Rabbit Coffee Co.: If you’ve got a cheeky tenner in your wallet, head to Paddington’s The Fox and Rabbit Coffee Co. and slap it down for a serve of avocado on rye sourdough (you’ll even get a dollar change). You can also upgrade your order to the fancy avocado, which adds Danish fetta, sweet corn, sesame and hazelnut dukkah for $12.

The Smug Fig: If you’re crushing hard on some crushed avocado, let East Brisbane’s The Smug Fig be your wingman and hook you up with a serve of avocado on dark rye, labneh, harissa, preserved lemon and za’atar for $14.50.

My Mistress: A quick rendezvous at Clayfield’s My Mistress doesn’t mean what you think it means. In reality a rendezvous is a codename for some smashed avocado served on sourdough with fetta, olive oil, fresh basil and a lemon wedge. The only thing on the down low is the low price – $14 and this seductive dish is all yours.

Little Clive: Over in Annerley, popular cafe Little Clive is keeping costs of breakfast low, offering its brand of smashed avocado on sourdough with lemon, chevre and radish for only $14.50.

The Low Road Cafe: This charming Windsor cafe has already seen the funny side of what it’s dubbed ‘avocadogate’. Even though its sign says “if you have to ask how much the avocado is, you can’t afford it”, we can confirm that it actually only costs $13 and comes with beetroot relish, Persian fetta and pistachios.

Nana & Da’s: Over in Kedron, Nana & Da’s avocado on sourdough is a hit not only for its very reasonable price ($12.50 – what a bargain) but also because it features zucchini, hazelnuts and lemon balm with hazelnut oil on top. Take that, Bernard!

BONUS – UberEATS: We aren’t the only people that support the idea of fairly priced and easily accessible smashed avocado. UberEATS has linked up with a bunch of cafes in Brisbane to deliver smashed avocado for this weekend only, all under $20 and with free delivery. Pawpaw, Pineapple Express, Little Loco, Scout Cafe and Miss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen are participating – simply search with the #SmashedAvo hashtag and add the ‘SMASHEDAVO’ code to get up to $20 off the order if you’re new to UberEATS.

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