Long live goon! Level up your cardbordeaux game with these boutique boxed wines
Long live goon! Level up your cardbordeaux game with these boutique boxed wines

Long live goon! Level up your cardbordeaux game with these boutique boxed wines

There’s no point dancing around the obvious – boxed wine has a bad rep. Even reading the words “boutique cask wine” probably seems at odds with everything your youth has taught you about the humble goon sack. We’re here to tell you that vino in a box is making a seriously snazzy comeback – you can leave Goon of Fortune, Fruity Lexia (makes you sexier) and preservative hangovers of doom in the past! Some clever companies have cottoned on to the benefits of this humble Australian classic, so we’re here to walk you through the brave new world of grown-up goon.

Gonzo Vino: “Welcome to adulthood – we hope you like wine.” There really isn’t a more perfect tagline for the boutique cask-wine revolution than this one from Gonzo Vino. The fun and fruity Victorian brand is the brainchild of sommelier Marcus Radny, a bloke who knows a thing or two about grape expectations. Gonzo Vino offers a shiraz and a riesling, both available in three-litre casks that will stay fresh for six weeks from the first pour. Curious? Cop a sack here.

Carussin: This right here is the Rolls Royce of boxed wine. Carussin is an Italian winemaker importing its natural goods to our shores, boasting both an organic white and red in three-litre casks for convenient sipping. The barbera is a crisp and crunchy little number, while the vino rosso is a juicy combination of berry, pepper and herbal notes. Both are certified organic, biodynamic and bloody delicious – heaven! You can get your mitts on both varieties via Mr West, Act of Wine or P&V Merchants.

Jilly Miami Bagnums: Jilly Wines already has our hearts, but it’s managed to further our affection with its range of ‘bagnums’. Yep, this Australian winemaker from the brilliant mind of Jared Dixon offers a selection of its top drops in bagged form. You can sample a sauvignon blanc, rose and pinot noir, all available in 1.5-litre bagnums equating to about two bottles of vino. Buy direct from Jilly Wines by the bag, half case or full case – because it’s better to be prepared. 

Happy Sack Rose: We love a delicious wine that doesn’t take itself too seriously, which is exactly what the team at Blackhearts & Sparrows has created in the Happy Sack Rose. The 1.5-litre bag of perfectly pink wine is a 2019 blend of non-traditional varieties from the Adelaide Hills crafted by Blackhearts & Sparrows co-founder Paul Ghaie and ex-employee Alex Barty – so you know it’s legit. She’s an easy-going field blend that’s perfect for your next barbie – grab yours from Blackhearts & Sparrows.

Yalumba Winesmiths: This is the first of our entries that you can swing by and grab at your local bottle-o – no shipping or searching required. The Yalumba Winesmiths range was born from the idea that quality vino doesn’t have to come with a crazy price tag – so you can experience the convenience of cask wine without the sting (to both your wallet and your digestive system). The range covers all of the usual suspects from riesling to rose and you can pick it up from your local chain bottle shop. 

The Stubborn Few: Joining the aforementioned In Top Company, you won’t necessarily have to travel to a boutique bottle shop to get your hands on this drop. The gang over at Delicious backs this brand, which offers up a shiraz, pinot noir, savvy b, rose and pinot gris for your troubles – all in cute little two-litre casks. This South Australian company knows its stuff without being pretentious, so if you’re after a smooth and easy option this is bang-on. It’s also $11 for a two-litre cask so you really can’t go wrong – grab it at your local Liquorland. Viva la goon!

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