Don't walk, run – McDonald's releases bottles of the real deal Big Mac Special Sauce

Don’t walk, run – McDonald’s releases bottles of the real deal Big Mac Special Sauce

With two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame-seed bun, the mighty Big Mac is a thing of beauty to be admired (before being promptly devoured, that is). Well now McDonald’s is giving you even more reason to make haste to the golden arches because 144,000 bottles of the real-deal burger sauce will be sold in participating restaurants across the country as part of McHappy Day so strap on your McSkates, mates!

Since it first whipped the world’s collective tastebuds into a frenzy in 1968, speculation has been rife as to the exact recipe of McDonald’s ridiculously creamy and delicious Big Mac Special Sauce, with many claiming to have nailed it (including a certain supermarket chain with its Special Burger Sauce). But now, dear readers, you needn’t bother with inferior imitations, especially since McDonald’s is bottling the golden goodness for you to enjoy at home, or work, or on its own in the car (we’re not here to judge).

Slathered on just about anything from homemade burgs to topping tacos, the special sauce is guaranteed to make everything better. At $12 a bottle, it’s pretty much an investment in happiness, but if you’re keen to get your mitts on a bottle or ten, you’d better be quick because they’re selling like hotcakes and once they’re gone, they’re gone for good. All profits from the sales of the sauce will be donated to Ronald McDonald House Charities as part of the McHappy Day fundraising efforts. This year McHappy Day is happening on Saturday November 16 and in addition to bottled happiness, $2 from every Big Mac sold will be donated and there will be excellent cheeseburger socks for sale for $5.

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