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Embrace sustainable food philosophy Bettertarianism

As the importance of making informed food choices becomes clearer, it’s fundamental that we understand the impacts that our food choices have on our health, the environment and animal welfare. Armed with the right knowledge and power to make informed choices we can start to make a difference.

That is the goal behind the Bettertarian food philosophy – a sustainability initiative of the beef and lamb industry launched by Target 100. Presented by television chef Darren Robertson and sustainable food advocate Rebecca Sullivan, the Bettertarian campaign features a three-part documentary, Journey of a Bettertarian. The film follows three urban Australians on a journey to Bangor Farm in Tasmania to see first hand how beef and lamb is raised and produced in order to gain a better understanding of animal welfare and sustainable practices.

Encouraging conversations around better farming methods, the Bettertarian initiative is a step towards understanding where our food comes from. Visit the Bettertarian website and keep an eye on the Target 100 Facebook page to learn more about the food philosophy and how Australia’s cattle and sheep farmers are caring for their land and animals.

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