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The round-up: follow your nose to the best hot cross buns in Brisbane

No offense intended to the Easter Bunny, but our favourite Easter treat isn’t a chocolate egg – we’re all about hot cross buns. The sweet, soft, buttery beauties really get us into the holiday spirit and hot cross bun season is here again. This Easter, we’re side-stepping the middleman and going straight to the source. The chocolate bounty can wait – we’re heading on a hot cross bun hunt to track down the best baked goods in Brisbane.

Traditional buns
Jocelyn’s Provisions: The team at Jocelyn’s Provisions reliably produce some of the most delicious (and coveted) hot cross buns in Brisbane, and just writing about them makes us want to devour a dozen right here. This year, the baking institution is producing hot cross buns made with fruit, spices and candied citrus peel, and are best served toasted with an ample spread of cultured butter. Don’t mind if we do.

Flour & Chocolate: One of Brisbane’s top bakeries is showing us how hot cross buns should be done. Morningside’s Flour & Chocolate is dishing out fluffy vegan hot cross buns, with packs of six absolutely flying off the shelves. Be sure to get some before Easter, or you’ll be forced to wait another year for their return. Flour & Chocolate is also selling some flavoursome Black Forest hot cross buns, boasting couverture milk chocolate and sour cherries, with a chocolate cross on top to really get into the Easter spirit.

Cake & BakeJocelyn Hancock is never one to shy away from Easter celebrations, so it’s no surprise that Cake & Bake is turning up the heat with its moreish hot cross buns. Swing by and stock up on these gorgeous glazed buns, then try to resist eating them in one sitting (a near impossible feat).

Danny’s Bread: Daniel Miekus is one of the biggest names in the Brisbane baking game, so you know that any morsel that comes from his ovens are going to be worth sampling. Of course Danny’s got the goods when it comes to hot cross buns, with freshly baked trays of the beauties sold daily.

Brewbakers: Brewbakers is one of Albion’s most trusted food institutions, so if you are after choice hot crossies then you really can’t go past the Brewbakers offering. The Brewbakers buns are special thanks to the use of sourdough in the crust, ensuring the bread is lighter and crisps cleanly on the outside when toasted. Swing by and grab a few fruit buns for your pre-Easter feasting and don’t be shy with the butter.

Crust & Co Artisan Baking: Those that know their dough will tell you that Crust & Co is the way to go for all of your baked goods, and the hot cross buns are no exception. The buns here are made using some delightful brioche dough, with plenty of dried fruit, ginger and spices in the mix. If you’re eager to get their hands on these goodies you purchase them individually, by the half-dozen, or as a pull-apart wreath.

Miss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen: Those with dairy intolerances need not miss out on the Easter goodness, with Miss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen delivering the goods in the form of some scrumptious vegan hot cross buns. These bad boys are dairy free, egg free, refined-sugar free and are handmade. We’ll take a dozen!

nodo: Brisbane’s finest purveyor of gluten-free donuts is getting into the Easter spirit this year, offering up its own range of hand-rolled hot cross buns. These delicious treats are gluten free and refined-sugar free, and are imbued with dried blueberries and spices. That’s not all, if you are a fan of nodo’s hot cross donuts, you’ll be jazzed to know they’re back again! Now you can spoil loved ones (or just yourself) with a selection of Easter-themed treats topped with couverture milk and white chocolate. Speaking of hot cross variants …

Hot cross twists
Couverture & Co: In addition to gourmet chocolate bunnies and Easter wreaths fashioned out of Easter eggs, Red Hill-based artisan chocolatier Couverture & Co will once again be selling its hugely popular range of choc-cross buns. These moreish treats are a perfect choice if you want to spoil yourself rotten but without the carbs.

Kiss The Berry: Although known primarily for its range of healthy bowls, Kiss The Berry is getting into the Easter sprit with it’s healthy hot cross berry bowl boasting a tasty blend of acai, banana, pea protein, cinnamon, nutmeg and sultanas, while being topped with banana, coconut yoghurt, SOL hot cross buns, carrot caramel and sultanas.

Dello Mano: Another chocolaty twist on the hot cross buns comes from the kitchens of Dello Mano, which has brought back its hot cross brownie! Picture this – a chewy fudge treat topped with a helping of melted dark chocolate. If that doesn’t get you in the mood for Easter then perhaps Easter just isn’t your holiday.

31 Degrees Custom Chocolates: Try not to drool too much over this one. 31 Degrees Custom Chocolates in Woolloongabba is putting out some truly decadent hot cross bun rocky road eggs. A milk chocolate half egg is stuffed with hot cross bun spiced marshmallows, sultanas, quinoa puffs and candied almonds. Heaven.

Stokehouse Q: Hot cross buns have been given the fine-dining treatment at South Bank’s Stokehouse Q, with accomplished pastry chef Lauren Eldridge unveiling a limited edition Easter Bombe. White chocolate parfait, blackcurrant sorbet, spiced sponge and toasted chocolate meringue has been arranged into a tasty dessert that looks just like a hot cross bun.

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