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The round-up: follow your nose to the best hot cross buns in Brisbane

Look, we’re not throwing any shade towards the hot cross buns produced by the big grocery chains, but when it comes to celebrating Easter with a six-pack of buttery buns, we prefer to go gourmet. It’s the time of year when Brisbane’s best bakeries are competing for our custom, dishing out fresh trays of hot cross buns loaded with fruit, spices and other goodies. We’re not going to say which bakery bun is the definitive choice – we’re more inclined to put together a list of the top picks and let you make the hard decision. Although picking may be difficult, at the end of the day there is no wrong choice when it comes to hot cross buns.

Jocelyn’s Provisions, multiple locations: The pastry maestros at Jocelyn’s Provisions are always at or near the top of this list, and 2021 is no exception. While they are fully stocked with the classic spice and fruit option, this year the team is doing something a little bit different by stocking two kinds of fluffy spiced bun featured a decadent filling. The fruit-based bun has a speckling of cardamom and cinnamon and a creamy centre, while the choc cross bun is covered in vanilla and features a dollop of white-chocolate cream at its core. We’re in love.

Sprout Artisan Bakery, Fortitude Valley: If you can tear your eyes away from the cardamom scrolls and custard tarts, you’ll see Sprout’s selection of lightly spiced hot cross buns beckoning. These bad boys are larger than most, but that won’t stop us from ordering a whole box. They say there’s nothing better than a classic – Sprout’s hot cross bun is a classic, just remastered.

Darvella Patisserie, Bulimba: This Oxford Street newcomer is celebrating its first Easter with a bang, crafting racks on racks of hot cross buns for holiday feasting. If you consider yourself a fan of Darvella’s doughnuts, croissants and cakes, then there’s a good chance you’ll love its take on the Easter staple. To order a six pack or two for your long weekend, click here.

Chouquette, New Farm and Graceville: Although known for its buttery croissants and assortment of drool-worthy viennoiseries, Chouquette’s team of hot-shot bakers also know a thing or two about making hot cross buns. Chouquette has both fruit and chocolate varieties available, but they’re selling fast. Get in early or risk missing out.

Belle Epoque, South Bank: Emporium Hotel South Bank executive pastry chef Alex Norman is pulling out all the stops this Easter, creating a holiday-themed range including a tasty riff on the hot cross bun. Alex’s signature hot cross buns come in two styles. One is filled with tea-soaked sultanas, cranberries and orange before being soaked in spice syrup. On the other hand, the choc cross buns boast tea-soaked figs, cranberries and orange, plus chopped Valrhona chocolate and a splash of spice syrup.

Flour & Chocolate, Morningside and Northgate: When it comes to hot cross buns, we know a lot of you don’t like to muck around. If you are seeking a straight-shooting bakery that crafts HCBs of the utmost quality, head to Flour & Chocolate. Both locales are selling packs of six (both the fruit-loaded and chocolate variety) almost quicker than they can replenish stocks. If you want the goods, then you best not dawdle.

Cake & Bake, Newstead: If anyone knows the secret to making a perfect hot cross bun, it’s Jocelyn Hancock. When we peer into Cake & Bake for a gander at the assorted goods, we can’t help but be mesmerised by the site of a rack loaded with lightly glazed HCBs. They look almost too good to eat. Almost. We’ll still devour the lot, given the chance.

Nodo, various locations: Look, the Easter Bunny is great, but if they left boxes of Nodo’s gluten-free hot cross buns or hot cross bun-flavoured doughnuts, we’d happy rank it above Santa in the gifting stakes. Until then, we’ll just have to make the journey to get our hands on Nodo’s Easter-inspired goodies ourselves.

Crust & Co Artisan Baking, Windsor: Those that know their dough will tell you that Crust & Co is the way to go for all of your baked goods – the hot cross buns are no exception. The buns here are made using some delightful brioche dough, with plenty of dried fruit, ginger and spices in the mix. This year the team is offering hot cross bun wreaths, with ten buns artfully baked together into an eye-catching Easter-themed centrepiece.

La Bouche, Cleveland: Speaking on French-inspired bakeries, La Bouche on Shore Street in Cleveland is also getting in on the Easter action, recently putting forth its own take on the iconic hot cross bun. La Bouche’s recipe is a semi-sourdough-spiced brioche, which is filled with soaked currants, cranberries and some zesty citrus peel.

King Street Bakery, Bowen Hills: There’s a delicate balance between making hot cross buns that are delightfully fluffy, lovingly glazed and charmingly rustic. The skilled hands at King Street Bakery make it look easy, as its take on the humble homemade-style hot cross bun scores a tick in each box. In addition to the traditional fruit and spice-loaded style, King Street Bakery is also making heavenly butterscotch and and choc-chip-infused varieties. You can pre-order six and 12 packs here.

C’est Bon, Woolloongabba: France is essentially the birthplace of pastries, so it’s no surprise that Woolloongabba-based French restaurant and bar C’est Bon is serving hot cross buns this year, each coated in a sticky glaze made from Maxwell Honey Mead from the McLaren Vale. Swing by and grab a single, half- or full dozen to take home (or stick around and enjoy it with a coffee on C’est Bon’s sunny Terasse) with some decadent French Lescure butter melting on top. Tres bien!

Banneton Bakery, various locations: Always dependable, Banneton Bakery is once again making hot cross buns a fixture of its offering this Easter. Delightfully springy and loaded with plenty of fruit and spices, Banneton’s buns are available at all locations until they’re snatched up, which is likely to happen pretty quickly!

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