Have a slice day – Ben & Jerry's has unleashed the customisable dessert pizza of your dreams

Have a slice day – Ben & Jerry’s has unleashed the customisable dessert pizza of your dreams

In this, the year of Our Lord, 2020, there are no more surprises – just facts. Some of the purely insane things we have had to endure have been horrific and freakish, but there’s some kind of metaphor here about doors closing and windows opening. In any case (and biblical themes aside), sometimes the cruel world throws you a bone and gifts you with something you never knew you needed – enter Ben & Jerry’s Dough-Licious Pizza. What the heck is this? Why is this a thing? Read on for the answers you seek, young padawan.

Making its frosty debut as part of a brand-new Fast Food series from the iconic (and socially conscious) ice-cream brand, the Ben & Jerry’s Dough-Licious Pizza is the stuff of dessert dreams. Let’s talk you through it – the base is essentially a giant slab of soft half-baked cookie dough, which as we all know is a solid foundation for any meal. The next piece of the puzzle is your choice of either a layer of chocolate-chip cookie-dough ice-cream or decadent chocolate-fudge-brownie ice-cream. No pizza is complete without toppings – select from cookie-dough pieces (if you want to triple-up on the cookie vibe), brownie bits, choc-dipped pretzels, nuts or humble Oreos. You thought that was it? FOOL! The finishing touch is a drizzle of either hot fudge or caramel sauce – Sophie’s Choice if ever there was one.  

If you haven’t already disappeared in a puff of smoke (like in those old-timey cartoons to indicate when people move really fast) in search of Ben & Jerry’s Dough-Licious Pizza, allow us to tip you off. You can cop an individual slice if you’re feeling modest, or go all-out and devour an entire pie if you’re not a coward. Sure, you could share it – but who the heck shares a pizza? It’s every man for himself out here. 

Keen for a frosty slice? Hit this link to scope out your closest Scoop Shop or Uber Eats partner – and don’t sleep on it because these bad boys are going to run out faster than your blood-sugar levels will spike after eating a whole dessert pizza.

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