Art of Booze is changing the face of Brisbane’s small-batch spirit game

Art of Booze is changing the face of Brisbane’s small-batch spirit game

Anyone fond of a tipple or two would be well aware that Brisbane’s craft brewery scene is booming, with plenty of unique ventures popping up to satiate our city’s thirst for a frothie. This begs the inevitable question – what about the spirit drinkers amongst us? Three people helping to answer the call for small-batch are Peter Jaffe, Matty Parkin and Joel Robertson, the three brains behind Art of Booze.

The Art of Booze journey began three years ago, when the guys initially had plans to open their own microbrewery. The team had a change of direction upon realising that they had higher odds making an impact with a micro-distillery, inspired by the flourishing small-batch spirit scenes in Sydney and Melbourne. Art of Booze was to be a project imbued with youth but also the wisdom of age and technique, creating a whole new product that would appeal across generations. With this in mind, the crew set to work experimenting in one of their grandmothers’ garages with all sorts of homegrown flavours, all the while communicating with experienced Australian and international distillers to craft the brand’s first gin recipe.

As of right now, Art of Booze’s flagship gin is stocked in a range of boutique venues and bottle shops around Brisbane – but the plan doesn’t stop here. The team is in the process of opening its first bricks-and-mortar distillery, scouting for an inner-city location to call home. Operations are currently running out of Flinders Peak Winery, where the gin is created on a base of the winery’s triple distilled organic shiraz with the addition of 12 organic botanicals. The gents hope to have the Art of Booze flagship distillery running later this year, with the star of the show being a copper still imported from Germany. You can also keep an eye out for the brand’s Tasmanian single malt whisky from Adams and Killara distilleries, due to be matured in 2019.

To keep up to date with the booze news, you can check out Art of Booze on Facebook and Instagram for all of the latest happenings.

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