Truly a-glaze-ing – Arnott’s has released Krispy Kreme TeeVee Snacks

Truly a-glaze-ing – Arnott’s has released Krispy Kreme TeeVee Snacks

If you, like us, have spent many a time in front of the telly with your hand deep in a box of TeeVee Snacks then the following news will make you very, very happy. The biccy lords at Arnott’s have teamed up with Krispy Kreme to launch a doughnut-inspired range of TeeVee Snacks. Hello glazed goodness and farewell any plans of healthy eating!

Right now – yes, literally at this very moment – you can head to your local grocery store to grab a box of Arnott’s Krispy Kreme TeeVee Snacks. The sweet treats are inspired by classic Krispy Kreme flavours and they’re even shaped like mini doughnuts, with some flavours featuring drizzles of icing and sprinkles – how cute!

There are five must-try flavours floating around including Original Glazed, Caramel Delight, Choc Iced, Kookies & Kreme and Strawberry Sprinkle. Malt Sticks will forever hold a special place in our hearts, but we are going to go right ahead and nab us a box of these bad boys whilst they line the biscuit aisle.

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