Set your alarm clock – Aldi is slinging $70 SodaStreams this Saturday

Set your alarm clock – Aldi is slinging $70 SodaStreams this Saturday

Bubbles make everything better – parties, baths, champagne, water. If you’re sipping still drinks like a sucker, make haste to your nearest Aldi on Saturday June 20 and nab yourself a SodaStream Spirit Machine for just 70 dollar bucks. The soda maker is part of the brand’s Special Buys and if you’ve never experienced an Aldi run on drop day, well, you’re in for a treat. 

Aldi Special Buys is undoubtedly it’s own kind of chaos. Lines stretching around entire blocks (with social distancing, don’t forget) and when those doors open – it’s every man, woman and child for themselves to get to that coveted middle aisle where you’ll find everything from a trumpet to a four-person tent. This Saturday, lovers of fancy bubbly water will be out in force to nab the SodaStream Spirit, which normally retails for around $100. What’s the difference between the SodaStream Spirit and the SodaStream Jet we hear you ask? Well, the price for one, but also the button is located on the top so you can control how much fizz you get (trust us when we say, you want the fizz). Once you master jazzy bubbly water you can branch out and experiment with natural flavours and even add booze – the possibilities are endless!

While there’s no way of knowing ahead of time which stores will have the most stock, our advice to nabbing the goods is that sometimes the closest store isn’t always the best option. Also available this Saturday is a seriously enviable selection of eco-friendly kitchen essentials including stainless steel bento-style lunch boxes, beeswax wraps and reusable cutlery sets.

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