Spice up your home cooking with a dash of Long Chim's own Aahaarn Sriracha
Spice up your home cooking with a dash of Long Chim's own Aahaarn Sriracha

Spice up your home cooking with a dash of Long Chim’s own Aahaarn Sriracha

When David Thompson first came across the beloved condiment sriracha, it was a life-changing experience. After that first blissful introduction, the sauce soon became the lifeblood of his thriving culinary empire. The exact intoxicating condiment that David fell in love with could only be obtained at one market in Si Racha, south of Bangkok, so David committed himself to making trips to stock up regularly. Now, David is giving us the chance to take his preferred brand home, unveiling Aaharn Sririacha, which is available at his Long Chim restaurants across Australia.

We’re willing to bet that anyone that has been lucky enough to dine at David Thompson’s acclaimed restaurant Nahm or any of his Long Chim eateries would have experienced an euphoria akin to David’s first encounter with sriracha. After implementing it across his eateries, David has decided to share the love even more. David’s food production company Aylmer Aaharn has taken the opportunity to offer ready-made sriracha in Australia – bottling the tantalising Aaharn Sriracha sauce, which is reminiscent of the condiment he originally fell in love with, Koh Loy.

Aaharn Sriracha is made by some of the oldest producers of the condiment in Thailand – skilled artisans who combine fresh chilli, garlic and other ingredients to create a rich and rounded flavour that pairs well with seafood and grilled meat. This sriracha is only the beginning of Aaharn’s plan to introduce more authentic Thai condiments and products into Australia. The next 18 months will see an expanded retail range of artisanal goods pop up at Long Chim restaurants in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne, in addition to a new Long Chim location opening overseas. If you’ve got some friends heading interstate, we’d suggest asking (or even begging) them to pick up a bottle or two to bring back.

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