Ten delicious things you can buy in Brisbane for $5 or less
Lucky Egg
Ten delicious things you can buy in Brisbane for $5 or less
Ten delicious things you can buy in Brisbane for $5 or less

Ten delicious things you can buy in Brisbane for $5 or less

If you are an adult human prone to treating yourself, you are probably also well aware of a little address called Struggle Street. Sure, that cheeky $2 bank fee or a bi-weekly takeaway treat might not seem like much at the time, but before you know it you’re staring down the barrel of a less-than-impressive bank balance with a dicey length of time between now and payday. Never has the temptation to start hawking random items at your nearest Cash Converters been so real – anything to support your cheeseburger habit, right? We know times are tough but don’t lose hope – we’ve dug deeper than that magical pit behind your couch cushions to bring you ten delicious things you can buy in Brisbane for $5 or less.

Lucky Egg: Mondays can be a bit of a drag at the best of times, especially when you’re feeling that post-weekend wallet sting. Ease the pain with some 50c wings at Lucky Egg – these delicious morsels are available at both the Fortitude Valley and West End locations.

Beach Burrito Company: If you’re struggling with the broke life you probably don’t wanna taco ‘bout it, but you Mexi-can trust the fine folk at Beach Burrito to feed you on a dime. Their tacos are $5 every day, dropping to $3 on Tuesdays – head to the Fortitude Valley or West End locations to make the most of this sweet deal.

5 Dogs: There are few things in this world more comforting than carbs on carbs, which is why a 5 Dogs chip buddy is so darn irresistible. In exchange for $5 you get a fresh roll stuffed with crispy golden chips and smothered in gravy – you can splash out an extra dollar and get a hotdog instead if you’re feeling fancy.

King Ahiram: Any West End local worth their weight in hummus will be clued into this one – there is one supreme ruler of cheap and filling eats and his name is King Ahiram. Wrap your mitts around a $5 roll (that’s a kebab for those in the know) plus a range of delicious Lebanese sides that you can also snag for pocket change.

Heya Bar: When East and West put aside their differences for the sake of our stomachs, it’s a truly beautiful thing. Heya knows a thing or two about fusion foods ­ – coming in at just $5, its cheeseburger spring rolls are an absolute must-try.

I Heart Brownies: Craving a sweet fix but don’t feel like you can justify it? For just $4 you can pick up one of the most rich and molten delights that Brisbane’s treat scene has to offer – we’re talking I Heart Brownies. These perfectly chewy and adorable brownies come in a great variety of flavours and really hit the spot filling-wise.

Dumpling Republic: Got no plans on a Tuesday? Head to Dumpling Republic and you won’t regret it – this Brisbane City joint serves up its delicious range of dumplings for just $1 apiece. Get flavours like pork and crab, chicken and leek, pumpkin and ginger plus more.

Banoi: Our anaconda don’t want none unless you’ve got buns, hon – which is why we’re all about Banoi’s steamed taco buns. These bao are an absolute delight and at just $4.50 each you can fill up on flavours like soft shell crab, salt and pepper tofu, pork belly and grilled chicken.

Bagel Boys: Breakfast doesn’t have to suck when you’re scrimping, guys! Hotfoot it to Bagel Boys and treat yourself to an avocado bagel for just $5 – with a price like that, a house deposit will be yours in no time at all.

The Guilty Rogue: If you’ve ever paid $5 for a mere slice of pizza, here is a piece of information that might make you feel like a chump – you can get a whole dang pizza for $5 on Tuesdays at The Guilty Rogue! These aren’t just some basic jobs either (no disrespect to plain cheese pizza) – feast on gourmet delights like tandoori chicken, three kinds of pig, some tasty vego options and more.

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