Newstead Brewing Co.'s Zero-Waste autumn beer dinner

Newstead Brewing Co.’s Zero-Waste autumn beer dinner

Newstead Brewing Co’s autumn seasonal beer dinner arrives with a bit of a difference. The brewery is working with OzHarvest to highlight zero waste.

All of the produce prepared and cooked on the night will have been saved and rescued from heading to landfill. No, we’re not talking mouldy scraps of leftovers and charging you for the pleasure! Many restaurants over-order with their food requirements, and in keeping with a fresh approach to menus a large portion of food is tossed out on a daily basis. OzHarvest recycles and re-uses these edibles for those less fortunate.

The majority of food cooked at this  dinner is being donated by OzHarvest – everything is donated by suppliers and Newstead Brewing Co’s own gear. Tickets include a four-course meal accompanied by four beers, one of which is  a 100-percent zero-waste beer brewed by Newstead, which will stay on tap as a karma keg until it’s dry. Ticket sale proceeds on the night will be handed over to OzHarvest to help them continue the zero waste battle.

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