Year of the Edit

Year of the Edit

Any author will tell you the first draft is never the last. While writing is a long process, revising and editing are often the biggest challenges writers face. Year of the Edit will help you assess the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript, kill your darlings, and refine your work through structural and copy editing and the crucial art of critique.

Paula Ellery is a freelance editor who specialises in structural editing and manuscript assessments. Paula has worked with many published authors, including Mia Freedman, Rebecca Sparrow, Kim Wilkins, and Charlotte Nash. Paula is passionate about stories, and she loves supporting writers as they sharpen their skills and work towards publication.

The Year of the Edit is not a beginner course. This course is for writers looking to strengthen their craft through the development of a long form work. All students receive feedback from the tutor on the first 10 pages of their work-in-progress.

Please note the full cost of this course is $695.

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