X-Files The Musical

X-Files The Musical

One of the longest-running science fiction television series hits the stage in X-Files: The Musical in this Australian premiere production. Featuring all your favourite X-Files characters, this musical is literally out of this world. When Mulder and Scully happen upon a half-human, half-animal hybrid in the forest, Mulder is convinced it is his long-lost sister.

“Has the wool been pulled over our eyes? Do people in authority know more than they’ve let on? Is there something bigger, something grander, something more peculiar going on behind the curtain? Are we the playthings of demigods and villains? Have men in board rooms and backrooms crafted a conspiracy to hide the biggest secrets of the universe?”

We have no idea. But we do know one thing: the truth is out there.

If you ever wished that someone would write a song titled ‘Oh No! There’s Something out There!’, then we’ve found the perfect place for you. There’s the smoking man, singing trees and Director Skinner whose ass is still on the line. What could possibly go wrong?

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