Writing To Save The Planet – with Jessica White

Writing To Save The Planet – with Jessica White

Learn how you can save the planet with climate fiction.

The last five years have seen a boom in cli-fi, or climate fiction, mirroring our anxieties about the sixth mass extinction and a world in which extreme weather events are increasing in frequency. Through cli-fi, we can imagine the trajectories of human and other-than-human populations, devise positive futures, or compel our readers to think about our circumstances in radically different ways.

Learning Outcomes:
Through group discussions, you will develop your knowledge about the following:
– A range of genres within cli-fi, including solarpunk, near-future novels and intergalactic stories.
– How to use time and structure to reveal the slow pace of climate change.
– How to create believable characters in unbelievable situations.
– How to positively represent vulnerable populations in a changing world, such as people with disabilities.
– How to include and represent the other-than-human world in ethical ways.

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