Wonargo Revue
Wonargo Revue

Wonargo Revue

After months of rehearsals 45 scouting youth members will take to the stage at the end of this month, to star in the 48th Annual Wonargo Revue.

The Wonargo Revue is a two hour musical variety show suitable for the whole family. A cavalcade of music, singing, dance and comedy will delight people of all ages. Wonargo has 45 youth members (aged 10–26) on stage. A number of the cast have never performed on stage before.

The Wonargo Revue, first performed in 1972, is a theatrical Revue organised by Scouts Australia, Queensland Branch Inc specifically as a training activity for our youth members.

Wonargo is designed to teach our youth members and young Leaders self confidence, teamwork and dedication to the task at hand whilst giving them the opportunity to enjoy of the fun and excitement of a fast moving variety show.

This year, the Production Director (John Martin), the Assistant Directors (Stewart Kirk, Shaun Sandilands, Haylee Funk and Rachael Ritson) and the choreographers (Rebecca Janke and Helena Ray) are all ex-cast members who have come through the ranks of the revue and are now passing on the skills they have learned to a new generation.

During the course of rehearsals this year, the cast have learnt skills in singing, dancing, acting and stage craft. The program this year will include a number of current songs and some older classics.

The cast are supported behind the scenes by approximately 90 people all working in their specific areas including lighting, sound, back stage, set construction and costumes. The Revue is made up entirely of volunteers who give of their time to contribute to making the Wonargo experience as enjoyable and fulfilling as it can be for the youth members and to make the show as finely tuned as it can be.

This year’s show promises to be one of the best yet.

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