Women Like Us – Brisbane

Women Like Us – Brisbane

The smash hit touring show Women Like Us featuring stand up comedians Mandy Nolan and Ellen Briggs is set to perform at Brisbane’s Sit Down Comedy Club on Sunday 05 December – with Mandy stepping up as the Greens candidate for the Federal seat of Richmond, this could be the last hurrah for this iconic touring show, that has bought joy and laughter to nearly 50 000 people at almost 200 shows!

With sold out shows at Melbourne Comedy Festival and 5 star reviews, the girls have also showcased at the Women’s Gala at Melbourne Town Hall. In Adelaide at the Fringe Festival, Mandy Nolan and Ellen Briggs were officially declared ‘Goddesses’ by the Weekend Notes writer who said ‘everything they say and do is the absolute word of sacred truth.’

Women Like Us is a comedy show that delivers. A Glamadelaide reviewer said ‘the audience barely had time to draw breath between hearty laughs!’ And it’s not just women who love this hilarious crowd pleaser. Men are wetting themselves too. And women that came with the girls echo the same sentiment ‘Next time I am bringing my husband! He would love this!’

Women Like Us was born when the two women comics decided to step away from the male dominated comedy scene into venues where women’s stories and experiences are centre stage.

The show is 2 hours of stand up, 60 mins a piece by these powerful, no holes barred, tell it how it is pin up girls for what they call Real Women. ‘We want our comedy to demystify a lot of the garbage that we’re fed about being women’ says Briggs. ‘We tell everyday stories about our struggles, our failure to parent, the beauty industry, getting fatter, strange surgeries, obsessions, frustrations, and at the end of the day ‘who unpacks the dishwasher’. They call themselves ‘the bogan woman’s thinking woman and the thinking woman’s bogan’.

It’s not a show just for women’ says Ellen Briggs who appeared recently on Hughsey We have A Problem , ‘In the same way a comedy show by two men would never be seen as a bloke’s only show. Women Like Us is about making our experiences universal rather than ‘niche’. And as it turns out, there are a lot more Women Like Us out there then we ever realised. There’s even a growing tribe of men Like Us too!’

Mandy Nolan is a columnist for the Byron Shire Echo, and writes regularly for Mamamia –and she is the host of their new podcast The Split. She has appeared on ABC’s Q&A, SBS’s Mums The Word & About Women and is in demand as a corporate and club performer around the country. Ellen Briggs is a national RAW Comedy Finalist and winner of Foxtel Comedy Channel’s Be A Comedian. The two women have well over 30 years of comedy experience between them, and this year they released their book, Women Like Us nationally.

Women Like Us is stand up at its best, where Ellen and Mandy talk about housework, chickens, love, big undies, disappointment, resentment, sex when you’re drunk, fit bits, yoga farts and being a menopausal woman dealing with teenage angst. They’re overworked, overweight and over it….

It was perhaps the 27 year old reviewer from Adelaide Fringe who really got what Women Like Us was all about: “I’d be offended if they weren’t considered pioneers of comedy, because they know their shit and do that shit damn well!…Heck it should be part of a woman’s right to be able to be blessed by Briggs and Nolan!”

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