Weekend of Darkness

Weekend of Darkness

In the beginning, there was perfect Darkness. All was one. All was love. From the Darkness sprung matter, in an explosion of noise, pain, flesh, and discontent. You may think this is a flesh body world, but there is a higher state … a liquid state. We must return to our true selves and leave this world behind. Surrender to salvation. Surrender to Stout. Join the Good Family Scratch and the Children of Darkness, and return to your true form. Darkness is inevitable, and Darkness is coming.

The Weekend of Darkness returns for the seventh year running,, gracing us with it’s heavenly presence from the July 12–14. Prepare your palate for all manner of black brews, ales, porters, stouts, barrel aged, infused, sweet, dry, roasty, salty, smoky, but dark … always dark.

Playing out across five separate sessions of malty mayhem, the Darkness weekend will start with a preview night on Friday the 12th, followed by the main event with two sessions each day on both Saturday the 13th and Sunday the 14th. The legends from Mongrel will be dishing up a special pop-up menu, to fill your bellies with hearty treats.

Full tap list coming soon.

Obscuritas Obtinet.

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