Vanishing Point

Vanishing Point

The unique photographic exhibition Vanishing Point by Harry Frith will draw visitors into a place of seeing and feeling a depth that goes beyond the light and shadows. It’s a journey and a place of reflection on what was and what is.

Queensland born cinematographer Harry Frith has spent over thirty years as a cinematographer working on films and television movies, documentaries and TV commercials in Los Angeles, USA and has recently moved back home to Australia.

Starting out as a photographer in Noosa, Queensland, in the early 1980’s, Harry took and developed photos for the local newspaper, The Noosa Citizen. He discovered this was an amazing opportunity to learn how to take a photo to tell a story, develop the images, print the photos, and deliver to the paper on a deadline.

Now decades later, Harry has imbedded himself in rural Queensland, his family roots. Experiencing the different climates, light and landscape changes, the photographs capture a mysterious element that only seems to appear when immersed in the landscape.

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