Urban Retreat – Yoga & Natural Beauty

Urban Retreat – Yoga & Natural Beauty

Do you to deeply relax, restore and renew? Join us to take time out for yourself, to connect with others, to nourish and to immerse yourself – in yourself.

In this crazy busy world, it’s important to pause, to decompress and take time to nourish your body, mind, and soul!

Join us to do just that – find your bliss. Let us guide you through a slow flow yoga practice, targeting the deep fascial networks, nerves, ligaments and connective tissues to encourage more freedom of movement and reduce stiffness.

Discover a world of toxic free living with our ‘Natural Beauty’ and ‘Low Tox’ workshops. You’ll learn how to embrace a low toxin lifestyle starting with your own natural beauty products. On this workshop, you’ll discover how herbs, nutrients, and base ingredients blend together to create a totally natural yet effective beauty regime. You will develop your own perfume scent using quality essential oils and learn how to create your own purifying face scrub.

Enjoy a fresh, delicious and very healthy lunch, creating your very own Poke Bowls from locally sourced ingredients.

We finish our day with a bliss filled Restorative Yoga class – one of the most beneficial modalities for women. It creates a cascade of wonderful effects that drastically reduce stress, balance hormones, ease menstrual and menopause challenges, and creates a deep sense of spaciousness to our otherwise busy lives.


An hour of a nourishing yoga flow, combining the healing properties and the ambient scent of natural oils

Enjoy a hands-on natural beauty workshop, developing your own perfume and face scrub

Feast on a delicious and revitalizing lunch

Finish with a deeply cleansing restorative yoga practice

Take home your own natural beauty products and leave feeling deeply relaxed.

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