As society attempts to keep up with our rapidly changing world, the team at Shock Therapy present an honest and powerful look at the hidden forces, beneath the surface that move us and determine the choices we make and the actions we take.

Undertow is an original work that explores themes of resilience, mental health, relationships, identity and empathy. Centred around a high school community and the events that take place over the course of two weeks, Undertow follows three main characters Jesse, Connor and Phil, as they each struggle to cope with the pressures of life, while trying to manage relationships with the people close to them.

Shock Therapy return to Brisbane Powerhouse, drawing on a range of film conventions and physical theatre techniques to push their signature style in a new direction, blurring the line between different realities. The result is storytelling that is fluid and inventive, sweeping you up in its current as the story pulls you deeper.

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