Truth to Power Café

Truth to Power Café

Jeremy Goldstein’s Truth to Power Café is a profound theatrical reflection on loss, hope and resistance. This internationally acclaimed performance event is told through memoir, image, poetry, music and live testimony from community participants with stories to tell in response to the question: ‘Who has power over you and what do you want to say to them?’

Speaking truth to power is a non-violent means of conflict resolution, the origins of which lie in the anti-war movement.

Is it to your parents, sibling, politician, landlord, neighbour, banker, or simply your best friend? It’s time to tell them the truth before it’s too late.

Truth to Power Café is inspired by the political and philosophical beliefs of Nobel prize-winning playwright Harold Pinter and his Hackney Gang.


Participants of all ages, beliefs and backgrounds are invited to take part and respond to the question before a live audience. For information click here or to sign up click here. Truth to Power Café is non-partisan. Participants are cast in advance. There is no audience participation. No stage or public speaking experience is necessary. T&C apply. 

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