Transforming Characters Masterclass with Kathryn Heyman

Transforming Characters Masterclass with Kathryn Heyman

Learn how to create characters who transform – or resist change – on the page

Writing requires a mixture of art and craft – no matter what genre you’re working in. Whether you’re writing fiction or narrative non-fiction, this unique masterclass with acclaimed writer and mentor Kathryn Heyman will teach you how to use character transformation to structure a compelling story – and become a better writer.

Over the course of the day, you’ll learn how to understand the role of a protagonist, the need for their struggle, and what you need to do to let them drive the narrative shape of the story. You’ll leave with a deep understanding of character, and of narrative structure, and you’ll the tools to apply what you’ve learned to your own writing project.

Please note this masterclass is most suitable for intermediate-level writers who have an idea for a work of fiction or narrative non-fiction, or have already started writing a book. In order for participants to achieve the most out of this interactive and involved course, it will be capped at 15 participants.

Learning Outcomes:
You’ll leave with an understanding of:
The key questions you need to ask to create compelling and dynamic characters
Techniques on finding your character voice and journey
Tools for creating moments of change in your characters, which then lead to moments of change in your story.
Techniques to create secondary characters and to understand the roles of various characters in the story.
The way plot – the character’s outer journey – is used to bring about a character’s transformation on an inner level.

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