Tim Rogers and Friends: Liquid Nights In Bohemia Heights

Tim Rogers and Friends: Liquid Nights In Bohemia Heights

Join Tim Rogers as the louche DJ of the legendary and mythical radio show Liquid Nights In Bohemia Heights.

Together with the stentorian tones of community broadcasting legend, Jonnie Von Goes and live Foley work delivered by Tony Award nominated sound designer, Russell Goldsmith, Tim’s gonna crank out something you’ve never seen before.

With a live band, special guest interviews, a pocket radio drama, a live quiz, faux sponsors, Poem of the Week, a live call of the 1932 bodyline cricket series, philosophical quandaries, audience participation, general mayhem and much much more.

And of course, music. Sweet, sweet, music.

Come and experience the radio show you always wished existed.

Patience Hodgson (The Grates)
Trent Dalton (Author, Boy Swallows Universe)
Phil Jamieson (Grinspoon) – FRI NIGHT ONLY
Astrid Jorgensen (Pub Choir)


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