Australasian Dance Collective brings THREE performances

Australasian Dance Collective brings THREE performances

Australasian Dance Collective (ADC) is bringing THREE highly anticipated Australian premieres from renowned choreographers  Jack Lister, Melanie Lane and Hofesh Shechter.

Brisbane’s Jack Lister fuses dance and visual art to create a stunning main-stage performance, Still Life. Inspired by the artworks of the 16th and 17th century Memento Mori movement, it showcases the beauty in decay and our relationship with time. Still Life embraces the dichotomy of the permanence of visual artworks against the impermanent nature of dance, creating a world of poignant conflict.

Melanie Lane  is one of Australia’s strongest female choreographic voices with her works blending elegance seamlessly with edginess and physicality. Stealing from ancient and current mythologies of the supernatural body, performance Alterum manifests newfound heroes in a parallel existence that is both urgent and obscure. Lane will be joined by long-term musical collaborator,  Clark, in this cool and must-see production.

Queensland finally gets its chance to experience international superstar and dance revolutionary, Hofesh Shechter. Presented in association with  Hofesh Shechter Company,  ADC unveils the Australian premiere of  Cult  – the work that propelled Shechter into his globally-renowned career.

Instinctive and raw, it’s a powerful illustration of his unique and acclaimed choreography and is the first time the London-based choreographer’s work has been performed in Queensland.

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