This Is Art – Owlet

This Is Art – Owlet

This Is Art is an unconventional showcase of art, film, lighting, and music.

It’s purpose? To break up everyday routines, activate unused spaces and engage and connect to the community and participants on a primitive, emotive level.

Join us for our debut event, showcasing OWLET’s body of work. A phenomenal Australian artist whose work is hard to accurately describe. Taking her inspiration from nature, emotion, and the most prevalent trait, the colour scapes of the environment where the paintings are created. She captures the soul and the true essence of everything she touches, the aftermath being some of the most incredible pieces you will see in this country.

This is art is all about ‘Art With A Soundtrack’. You don’t just look, but you listen and you feel. OWLET has the visual component covered. The soundtrack will be curated and performed by a talented variety of Brisbane and Gold Coast based artists. As for the feel, you will just have to come and find out for yourself we have numerous interactive experiences waiting for your arrival!

Presented by Tanouk Apparel, Joelle Studio, Licht Creative and GATHER.Group

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