The Whistle

The Whistle

When you hear the sound of the whistle you have to close your eyes. When you hear it again you may open them.

What if you were at the same time spectator and creator of a piece? A juggler, a whistle and the audience together create a multitude of moments: Time travel – Déjà vu – Glitches – Fast forward – Rewind – Déjà vu, all without technics or special effects.

A journey through several different hilarious yet often poetic narratives. Close your eyes! Open them! Will you play the game or will you cheat? Either way you will be played!

The Whistle is a contemporary circus show that is unlike anything you’ve experienced before or are likely to again (unless you see it twice). The show recently took out the Comedic Innovation Award and Best of BE Festival.

Image credit: Alex Brenn

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