The Saruzu Quartet

The Saruzu Quartet

Saruzu melds a love for the esoteric with an ability to absorb and distil what they experience and then reinvent it with a flamboyance that is both highly original and widely accessible. Wearing the influences of flamenco, improvised music, jazz harmony and several hundred years of traditional western classical music proudly on their sleeves, Saruzu are fresh, innovative and energetic. Music that works the voodoo of simultaneously making you want to quietly reflect on life – whilst whirling like a Dervish, eating a healthy salad – with a couple of glasses of wine, yelling out like a teenager – and then going home to write poetry. Music that makes you smile, think and then smile a little bit more.

Featuring Andrew Vievers (guitar), Simone Pope (percussion/dance), Shenton Gregory (violin), Andrew Shaw (double bass) and special guest Kacey Patrick (vocals).

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