The Prosperity Collection – Katrina Read
The Prosperity Collection – Katrina Read

The Prosperity Collection – Katrina Read

REDSEA Gallery is excited to announce Katrina Read’s solo exhibition The Prosperity Collection will be featured in the gallery this March. With more than 20 years’ experience in fine art, Katrina’s work has been exhibited across Australia, Singapore, New York and the Caribbean.

Inspired by the elements and aspects of nature, Katrina’s surroundings captivate her. She is interested in how both natural and environmental light enhance and allow discovery of artistic and figurative elements for the viewer.

Chinese koi fish are featured throughout her paintings, and her focus on the vibrant orange, yellow and silver tones capture the energy that the koi fish are so well known for. The realistic depictions of the koi fish are rendered even more lifelike by the final rippling layer of high gloss varnish on the canvas.

Glistening just as water in motion would, the image seems to swim with the motions of the koi. At once calming and fascinating, The Prosperity series is a reaction to the awe felt by the artist in the face of nature. With every pebble delicately constructed, and every fish-scale detailed, these meticulous works of art demand continued interest and discovery.

There is a sense of escapism in Katrina Read’s work, an ambience that invites the viewer into the cool waters, to escape from reality and enjoy the tranquillity.

Meet Katrina Read!
Saturday, 11th March
1:00–4:00 pm
RSVP to [email protected]

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