The Mountain Goat Valley Crawl

The Mountain Goat Valley Crawl

The Mountain Goat Valley Crawl is back at it again, for a fifth annual take over of Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley on Saturday February 15. In 2020 The Mountain Goat Valley Crawl will be held across nine venues with a whopping 46 acts on the line-up.

The ‘Crawl is one of the biggest free music events in town, taking over venues including The Foundry, Black Bear Lodge, Woolly Mammoth Mane Stage, Barbara, Blutes, The Elephant Hotel, The Valley Drive-in, Greaser and The Brightside promising Brisbane’s best free-for-all is only getting bigger and better.

The full line-up is as follows: Tia Gostelow, Arno Faraji, Clea, Columbus, Jack Botts, Seaside, Eat Your Heart Out, TOWNS, 100, GAUCI, Dopamine, The Lazy Susans, DVNA, Stellie, FeelsClub, Nelipot, Future Haunts, Kurilpa Reach, C O L T S, Akurei, daste., Down For Tomorrow, Papaya Tree, Flora Link, Chakra Efendi, Blue Velvet, Red Entries, Regular Band, The Oogars, Chitra, Catalano, Hot Coffee, Briskey, Elko Fields, Great Sage, Harmon, Midnight Fuckboys, Olivia’s World, Flag Duty, Melaleuca, Chillingworth, BLUSSH, Dorah Jacson, MARLOE., Lost Goat Found and The Fools.

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