The Modern Guide to Heroism & Sidekickery

The Modern Guide to Heroism & Sidekickery

The Modern Guide to Heroism & Sidekickery combines storytelling, poetry, comedy, shadow puppetry and physical theatre (and a hint of audience participation). In her premiere one-woman show Michelle Zahner comes home to Brisbane to introduce a brand new hero, whose problem solving skills and affinity for rooftops have gained her a superhero’s reputation. As well as a series of responsibilities she didn’t ask for. Suddenly she finds herself dealing with media hype, impossible expectations, protest groups and sponsorship deals. She doesn’t really understand, Batman never had to deal with this sh*t.

How do you rescue people from their own mental heath, or a broken friendship? How do you fight a cyclone, or a rabid llama, or the patriarchy? All she’s got is a knack with pigeons and a poorly designed costume. And shouldn’t there be a villain?

The Modern Guide to Heroism and Sidekickery, invites the audience to be a part of the story, to add their own questions. To take responsibility for the stories we tell each other and ourselves and maybe even take up a mask themselves.

Michelle Zahner creates work in theatre and circus. Previously she co-wrote/produced ‘HolePunch’ (Adelaide Fringe, Anywhere Festival & 2High Festival) and co-devised/produced ‘Luster’ (Adelaide Fringe, Wonderland Festival, 2High Festival). Her previous work has received strong reviews including “Damn Funny ****1/2” – Adelaide Advertiser (HolePunch, Violet & Veruca, 2014), and “The standout moment of ‘Fluid’” – Scenestr (Fluid, Vulcana Women’s Circus 2016).

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