The Flyway Print Exchange

The Flyway Print Exchange

The Flyway Print Exchange is an interchange between artists living in different countries along the East-Asian Australasian Flyway, the flight path travelled by Australia’s migratory shorebirds twice annually between their breeding and non-breeding grounds. The annual departure and arrival of migratory birds is a spectacle which has symbolic meaning in numerous cultures around the world. Many of these birds travel vast distances, crossing several countries and entire continents during their annual cycle of migration.

The exhibition showcases the work of twenty artists, from nine of the twenty two Flyway countries, who created prints inspired by the idea of the Flyway. One print from each edition was then posted, unprotected, along the Flyway and back, echoing the birds’ journey, adding the impression of migration and distance to the works and referencing the weathering of the migrating birds’ plumage.

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