Tea Appreciation 101

Tea Appreciation 101

Your journey to discover and appreciate pure leaf tea starts here.

One plant, six types, infinite styles, five thousand years of history.

We will follow tea from its historical origins to the present day touching on aspects of tea culture that highlight the deep significance tea has had across the world. We will talk about the growth in the specialty tea scene and the innovation around production that makes tea so interesting and fluid.

You will enjoy tasting several types of pure leaf tea from a number of the world’s tea growing regions and gain an understanding of elements that affect the aroma and flavour of what you experience in the cup. Tea will be brewed and shared authentically to demonstrate different preparation methods and brewing vessels.

During the workshop you will learn the process of professional tea cupping and practical skills that will help you to evaluate tea to continue your own tea journeys. You will learn about brewing parameters and how to achieve a successful infusion of pure leaf tea.

We will share tips and guidance on where to find quality leaf tea and how to continue expanding your tea knowledge.

We can’t wait to share our passion for pure leaf tea. To be clear you will not find any tea blends, flavoured teas or tisanes here. We focus only on those teas derived from the camellia sinensis, and its many cultivars, that will give you an appreciation of tea that is part science part art form.

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