Talk: The problem with self-esteem & how self-compassion can help

Talk: The problem with self-esteem & how self-compassion can help

In this 2.5 hour interactive talk + facilitated discussion, we explore the pressure that women feel to have high self-esteem and why it’s not working for us. We look at an alternative 3 step evidence-based approach to help you move on from the impacts of low self-esteem and live with more wholeheartedness.

We will visit:
the problems with striving for high self-esteem
the art and science of self-compassion and why it’s a better way to go
how to work out what’s most important to you
how to deal with setbacks

Our presenter and facilitator, Dr Lauren Hamilton is a registered Health Psychologist who is passionate about using positive psychology to help people create good lives that feel good to them. Positive psychology is the scientific field of human wellbeing, happiness and flourishing and Lauren presents the research in a way that is warm, engaging and easy to understand.

Bring a notebook, pen and a sense of openness and take home strategies to help you live a good life.

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