Stygian Stones

Stygian Stones

In a world where the soldiers of bigotry and hatred are regaining strength and once again rising to power, everyday feels like battle against those who seek our demise.

This collection is a visual representation of the maddening struggle between living one’s truth and paying the price to conform and survive the toxifying structures of society.

Set by the poisonous waters of the River Styx, the boundary between Earth and the Underworld in ancient Greek mythology, Stygian Stones follows a haunting journey through feelings of depression, despair, gender constructs, mortality and the power of words.

Stylistically, the images blend commonly-held views about aesthetics and stereotypes with a melancholic touch of Ophelian nostalgia. Stygian Stones allows the viewer to find their own narrative and mark out a journey along the banks of their own River Styx, perhaps finding a soul quenching piece of therapy along the way.

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