Soulosophy | Live at The Baby Grand

Soulosophy | Live at The Baby Grand

Strap in for a journey back to the sounds that inspired and ignited revolutionary singer and pianist Aristotle Safralidis – as he reminisces on the music of soul legends such as Al Green, Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye & Bill Withers – and speaks on how they inform and influence his original music.

Aristotle is an entrancing singer and pianist that seamlessly blends soul, jazz and RnB genres with limitless vocal energy.

His diverse range of experiences have taken his music to some of the farthest reaching corners of the world. A few of the highlights in his artistic career include performances in the Rift Valley’s iconic New Arusha Hotel, working with the former CEO of the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, and collaborating with the pioneers of indigenous hip-hop in Kampala. Aristotle’s diversity of influences have left an unquestionable stain on his creativity and the result is a sound that is altogether magnificent, powerful and unquestionably unique.

Don’t miss this intimate one night only performance at The Baby Grand café and piano bar in the West End.

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