Social Science

Social Science

World Science Festival’s Up Late Event returns in 2024 with an extravagant evening where the boundaries between art and science blur, with creativity and knowledge to captivate your senses. With a science-infused cocktail in hand, enter a lively after-dark haven and journey through workshops, live programming and activations for an exclusive one‑night event promising curiosity, exploration and the extraordinary! Meet the stellar line-up.

Glam meets the unexpected when the Queen of upcycle, artist and designer Claudia Williams showcases her wearable art with trailblazing ballroom divas, the House of Alexander. This waste couture showcase repositions sustainable fashion, modeled by the most stunning and forward thinking creatives in Brisbane.

A camp take on the birds and the bees with the charismatic Dr Naomi Koh Belic and science communication extraordinaire Lee Constable’s The Drag (S)experiment. This show promises a stigma-free space where drag and science collide, leaving you hungry for knowledge and dazzled by the magic of both worlds. Find out more on the program here.

If you need a break between activities? Purchase a science inspired beverage and tasty bites from the Social Science pop-up food market.

Immerse yourself in a night where the magic of creativity and the precision of science converge, leaving you inspired and enchanted.

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