Photographers are shunned by many in the art world for not being true artist. They say there is no talent involved, anyone can do it and it is all about luck.

Anybody who vists SNAP15, a new Paddington exhibition can see that’s a lie.

SNAP15 is a collection of eight Brisbane photographers of both international and local recognition who know their way around a camera. Featuring Annette Grieg, Charlotte Tegan, Cindy Wilkins, Dien Nita, Dennis Tegan, Fred McKie, Liam Herne, Madeline Townsend – this is an exhibition not to be missed.

SNAP15 is open to the public from April 8 to 25 at Aspire Gallery in Paddington, Brisbane and showcases a real variety of photography talent and skill. Remember Aspire Gallery is open Wednesday – Saturday, 10:30am – 4:30pm.

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