Six Week Pranayama Series

Six Week Pranayama Series

Join Leanne for this life-changing six-part Pranayama series! These workshops will focus on the importance of a pranayama practice, along with specific techniques and how to establish a personal at-home practice.

Pranayama (or breathwork) is one of the most transformative parts of our yoga practice. Our emotional states affect our respiratory rate, depth and pattern, and conversely, voluntary changes in the pattern of breath can account for 40% of the variance in feelings of anger, fear, joy and sadness. There is a neurophysiologic model for the effects of yoga breathing in which sensors throughout the respiratory structures send information through the vagus nerve. This information influence perceptions, cognition, emotion regulation, somatic expression (personal experience), and behaviour.

These workshops will uncover the links between our breathing and our emotions, and show how the combination of breathing and meditation can lead to a more easeful and deeper meditation experience. Each weekly session is designed to develop and build on from the last!

For more information or if you have any questions about whether this course is right for you, email [email protected], call us at the studio on 07 3061 5050 or duck in to say hi if you’re in the neighbourhood (before classes works best!)!

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