Share My Blankets
Share My Blankets
Share My Blankets
Share My Blankets

Share My Blankets

Beneath these blankets, there are stories of human fluidity and validity to be uncovered.

Supported by a combination of live sound, Aly will guide you through the last 5-years of their life; coming into their queerness, processing sexual experiences – good and bad, and reclaiming their identity. Exploring concepts of sharing through moments of giving, grieving, receiving, and surrender, this work offers each of us permission to populate space in own our storytelling.

Set in and around scaled up versions of Aly’s Tumblr and other online posts, as well as images from their teenage years projected onto the walls, and supported by a combination of recorded and live sound effects and original live music, this work intends to take its audience on an experiential journey through and alongside Aly’s stories of coming into their queerness.

Journeying through moments of physical comfort and unease, darkness, light, and inviting a sense of community and play though children’s party games, this project explores both literal and metaphorical concepts of sharing space, time, and story.

Implied discussion of sexual abuse
Discussion of substance use
Coarse language
Sexual themes

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