Shandong Intangible Cultural Heritage Showcase

Shandong Intangible Cultural Heritage Showcase

The Shandong Intangible Cultural Heritage Showcase is part of 2019 the 17th Brisbane Chinese Culture & Arts Festival program hosted by Mainland Chinese Society Queensland (MCSQ) Inc.

The Festival Showcase in the afternoon will have nine master artists from Shandong Intangible Culture Heritage Center to display and demonstrate to the public with their stylish and stunning skills at the paper cut silhouette, kite, dough sculpture, seal engraving, Micro-carving art, calligraphies, embroidery, Chinese paintings and Chinese New Year ash paintings etc.

It is a free event to the public. All Brisbane residents are welcome to visit the festival showcase to experience and practice such unique intangible cultural heritages along with the master artists directly from China’s Shandong Province. 

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