Set up and manage a herb garden

Set up and manage a herb garden

Don’t be left behind by the grow-your-own food revolution – start by creating your very own herb garden!

Whether you live in a Queenslander with a massive back yard or in an apartment with a small windowsill, you can still enjoy the fresh taste of homegrown herbs, no matter which season.

This course will guide you through the basics of setting up, understanding, and maintaining a herb garden. Learn the fundamentals in just a few hours – why not add the event to your ‘calendula’ just in ‘thyme’ for Autumn!

In this course we will cover:

– Must have herbs – what they look like and what they are used for
– What grows when – a look at the Brisbane weather and seasons
– Where to buy good herbs
– How to spice things up – Designing your herb garden
– How to dill with it – Maintaining your herb garden
– Tips to avoid pests

Take home: One mini pot & herb to get you started!

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