Scape to Scape Exhibtion

Scape to Scape Exhibtion

Scape to Scape explores the intangible connection between ourselves and our surroundings. Each artist draws our attention to this notion while expressing this connection in their own unique way.

LINDY SALE explores ambiguity rather than to make a definitive statement about the fragile balance between human activity and nature. Her paintings could be read in various ways: as approaching rain, clouds at sunset, a dust storm, smoke from a bushfire, ash pouring from a volcano or as steam from a chimney plume.

JAMES AINSLIE’s landscape paintings often start as a realistic interpretation but later develop into a more conceptual statement as he immerses himself in the milieu of the initial inspiration. The light, smells, sound and presence all contribute to the individual essence of what triggered the initial inspiration.

ROY MARTIN examines the landscape of our daily lives that are full of not so wonderful moments, object and surroundings that are common to us all.

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