Rastra's Sci Fi Nightmare art show
Rastra's Sci Fi Nightmare art show

Rastra’s Sci Fi Nightmare art show

Jumping Jupiter! We have lift off for the outta-this-world exhibition of the year from the original home grown intergalactic metal artist, Rastra Lyall. Being Rastra’s second solo show after his sold out ray gun exhibition in 2018, its guaranteed to go off like a rocket. Dare to fly too close to the sun from Saturday 23rd November.

Rastra Lyall is a metal sculptor specialising in sustainable lowbrow and sci fi sculptures made from recycled and discarded materials. He has been creating art since he was 15, and is a passionate member of the Brisbane art community.

His solo exhibition is inspired by the nostalgia of the 1960s, a passion for science fiction and the rise of Artificial Intelligence. It shows what you can make with discarded materials that would have otherwise been destined for landfill. Rastra is a self-taught artist who uses his trade of metal fabrication, to create unique art pieces such as life size robots, angels, custom swords, jewellery, through to custom designs for residential and commercial properties.

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