Queer as Flux

Queer as Flux

Stace Callaghan intimately packs and unpacks the fluidity of identities and the idea of transitioning in a society obsessed with binaries and fixing what isn’t broken.

Iconic queer anthems meet embodied storytelling in this journey of a boy – who “passed” as a woman – following the yellow brick road to top surgery and “T”. Queer as Flux is inspired by the political activism of historical drag queens and butch dykes as well as non-binary, shape-shifting storytellers, actors and healers. This world premiere solo show pays homage to our queer ancestors who paved the way (and not-so-queer folks who did their best).

2021 marks the 21st birthday of Stace’s ground-breaking solo work, when i was a boy, which premiered at Brisbane Powerhouse and went on to win the 2001 Sydney Mardi Gras Festival Award. Queer as Flux continues Stace’s creative embodiment of belonging in liminal spaces.

Queer as Flux was originally supported by The Blue Room Theatre as part of Winter Nights.

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